Larry David’s Screwing of “Deport Racism”

Quick handcheck. How many people stayed up and watched Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live Saturday? Pretty impressive! OK…how many people DVR’ed it? Not bad! And finally, how many people were like me and forgot he was on? Yup!

Well, Larry David didn’t. The co-creator of Seinfeld, who really hasn’t had that much success since leaving that mega-show for the confines of HBO and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, has struck gold. And it was actually pretty funny.

There’s this group called “Deport Racism”, that apparently is made up of a bunch of people who are in the country illegally, meaning they are illegal aliens, but that doesn’t matter to them. Because Trump had come out and said that the 11 million people who broke the law and came into the country illegally have to leave and come back the right way, they were going to disrupt his SNL performance on live TV (it really isn’t live…there is ALWAYS a 7 second delay on it).

So, afraid that they would lose their nerve sometime between their press conference calling on NBC to dump Trump and the actual show, “Deport Racism” said they’d pay anyone $5,000 to shout out that “Trump’s a racist” on live TV. And what was SNL’s response? They wrote it into a bit! During The Donald’s monologue, Larry David stood on off camera and shouted “Trump is a racist”. When Trump asked him why he was doing that, he replied, “Somebody told me that I’d get $5,000 for yelling that!”. And the crowd went wild!!

Hopefully Deport Racism actually pays Larry David (or at the very least the SNL writers who thought it up) for the remark. They didn’t say it couldn’t be done in a sketch. They didn’t say it had to be serious and disruptive. They just said someone had to yell it. Well, someone did. Now, let’s see exactly how truthful this group is. Of course, I should preface it by saying they’re made up mostly of people that snuck into this country illegally. They’re law-breakers, so I guess you can’t trust them with the truth very easily.

And that’s just the beginning of the problem with immigration. You’ve got a bunch of illegals, who felt a “right” to invade another country. Let me ask the pertinent question: What would happen if say, the population of Los Angeles moved to Mexico? Do you think the Mexican government would welcome them? Would they set up “sanctuary cities” for them to go? Or, as I feel would be more likely, would they arrest them, throw them in every hell-hole of a jail in the country and not let them out for 10 years. And we’re going to make them pay for the wall? I say we make the illegals pay for the wall. The government of Mexico hasn’t done anything wrong…the illegals have.

The whole immigration problem shows an even bigger problem. Democrats in this country are more interested in trying to grow their base by importing illegals (since we won’t let the dead vote anymore) than they are about fixing problems. They’re more interested in winning elections by any means possible than they are about mankind. They are interested in one thing: Power. Take that away, and you’ve got a bunch of screaming idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Bobo Obama, who no one would pay any more attention to than the guy shouting Bible verses at you on the street corner.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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