Wow! Have I Been Wrong!!!

OK…it doesn’t happen often. The last time was December, 1990 when I decided to leave my position as a fast-rising sales person at a news/talk radio station and go to an advertising agency that was courting me because they had lost their top account executive. I have been wrong.

Liberals have been right all along.

Yup….I know that’s tough to believe, but Barack Obama has been right for the last 7 years. That’s why we’re doing so well. That’s why the world views us as world leaders. No…Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are NOT snickering behind Obama’s back. No, our economy is in full growth mode. And no…our troops aren’t just holding ISIS “at bay”. We’re winning over there.

Damn it, why don’t you believe it? Can’t you see that sending oil through a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Houston to be refined would be a LOT more dangerous than sending it via truck or rail car. When was the last time you heard of a trail derailment or a truck accident as opposed to a pipeline leak. Besides…we need to get away from oil. We should forget oil and concentrate on those cars that run on solar, or wind, or farts, or whatever they run on.

And damn it! Why can’t you just believe that mankind is the one that’s responsible for the earth warming…or cooling….or whatever it’s doing nowadays. Why don’t you believe that just because there was at least one ice age-long before we set foot on this planet, and it melted…and there was once a virtual ocean in what’s now the Sahara Desert, why can’t you believe the fact the ice is GROWING in the arctic, and growing in the antarctic, that we’re the cause of this because we drive polluting SUV’s and fly around in commercial airliners. We all need to be paying HUGE carbon footprint taxes!

And damn it! Why can’t you believe that the government is the answer to all of our problems? Just because they spend $2,009 on a hammer, or $496 on a bolt and nut that you or I could buy in a hardware store, what makes you think they can’t do better than you or I at managing a multi-trillion dollar budget. And damn it! Why can’t you believe that just because the government can’t handle the veteran’s health care in this country, the can certainly handle Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security. Damn it! Why don’t you trust them to do the right thing!

And why don’t you believe Obamacare isn’t the way we should be going? Why SHOULDN’T we be paying for all those welfare moms and their kids so they can travel 75 miles to the nearest doctor that accepts Obamacare? And why SHOULDN’T you accept the fact that you have to sacrifice a great insurance plan for a shitty one, just so they can get $100 a month off their premium, (and pay $10,000 deductibles and $25,000 out-of-pocket maximums)?

And why don’t you believe that a woman who does a better job at lying through her teeth than baking chocolate chip cookies could run this country better than a former reality TV multi-billionaire? After all, she horn-swaggled the people of New York to vote her in as senator….twice!

Wait…I just went back and read what I wrote. Are you telling me there are people out there that believe that shit? Jesus…help us! We are doomed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!