Carson’s Immigration Plan Makes Sense

Listening to Ben Carson the other day talk about his immigration plan, I got to thinking it was probably the most realistic and best thought out plan I’ve heard so far. Almost better than my plan. Actually, no, it IS better than my plan.

In case you haven’t heard it, Carson says to increase border patrol officers along the border, build a double fence with an asphalt road in between, and prosecute first-time offenders, like Yuma, Arizona has done. Their illegal activity dropped 97%. Now, you have to understand, those people probably went somewhere else, but that’s the point. They aren’t testing a system that is going to arrest them.

Carson says he’s going to take away all incentives for people to come to the country illegally…meaning no free hospital… no benefits of any kind… no work… nothing. Now there’s no reason to come here illegally.

And Carson says for the 11 million that are here illegally now, give them 6 months to register. If they don’t register in 6 months, they become criminals (they already are!), and they will face legal problems and then deportation). If they do register, and they have a pristine criminal record, they are given a guest worker visa, they have to pay a back-tax penalty of some sort, and taxes going forward, and then they would be allowed to stay in the country and work, but they are NOT citizens, and they are NOT allowed any citizen benefits (like food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, health insurance, voting , etc.). If they want to become a citizen of the US, they have to do what everyone else in the world has to do. They have to leave the country, and then apply for US citizenship, the same as everyone else.

Now, who in the world, other than a Democrat looking for an easy vote, could argue with that. You’re not deporting anyone that doesn’t have a criminal record so long as they register. You aren’t going to keep the floodgates open, and you aren’t going to give special treatment to people who are here illegally.

That is the most sensible plan I’ve heard of, and thinking and reflecting back on it, I can’t for the life of me think of one solid argument against it. You aren’t kicking anybody that’s not a criminal or has a criminal record out of the country, you just aren’t giving them any “citizen benefits” that quite frankly, their country wouldn’t give to you or me if we went there to work or live.

See, this is why Ben Carson is at or near the top of the polls. He isn’t bending over to the liberal left to appease them (which, quite honestly was one of Ronald Reagan’s weaknesses), and he’s come up with a solution that is based in law and fact, yet is compassionate to folks that have been here for a while illegally. What more could you ask for?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!