Obamacare In Trouble (Still)…What’s Next?

The latest iteration of Obamacare (I think this is version 3.0) is out there and by the early results (you have until January 31st to sign up), the public is voting with its feet. The Health and Human Services Department said that they would be signing up just under 10 million people this year, down from the Congressional Budget Office’s original estimate of 18 million. And based on the numbers so far, the administration won’t come close to the 9.1 million budget number they re-set for themselves.

The estimate is that there are 24 million people out there without health care. Of that 41% sign up for Obamacare. That’s 9.84 million for those of you without a calculator at the ready. And 35% is the number of people who will actually have applied for tax credits by March (8.4 million). How many will still be around come June? That number shrinks to a whopping 20%. So about 4.8 million people will be on Obamacare by June, 2016 at a cost of $1.8 trillion! Anyone want to do the math on that one?

So, what states are starting to do is figure out how to do “work arounds” when it comes to Obamacare. It’s obvious that Bobo Obama isn’t going to do anything as long as he’s in office, and if the GOP doesn’t win the White House, there is a certainty that nothing will change. Hell, even IF the GOP wins the White House, there’s no certainty that we’ll go to anything sensible. So states have decided to take it on themselves, which is precisely what they should have been doing all along anyway. Some are getting ready to move to a single-payer program. OK…if that’s what the state wants, and they can afford it, fine. Try it out.

Other states, should probably go back to the old way and make in voluntary to have health care insurance at all. Still others will want to stick with the exchanges. Frankly, I don’t see why. Every single exchange in the country is in fiscal crisis right now, and several have already folded (usually from the more liberal states).

The whole thing about Obamacare is that it is going to come crashing down upon itself. It’s the part of liberalism that these so-called “progressive” and intelligent people don’t understand. Liberalism works only until you run out of other people’s money. They it fails. It has never succeeded anywhere for the long-term. Oh, it’s been tried several times in several places, but it always ends up costing too much, because liberals don’t understand when to say “ENOUGH!” Happens every time.

And this time, Obamacare is going to come crashing down because the public just hates it. The biggest problem is, yes, it gives the uninsured insurance coverage…but it doesn’t give them access. Fewer and fewer doctors are actually accepting the coverage because they don’t want to take the cut in pay. Can you blame them? Fewer and fewer students are applying to medical school. Can you blame them? Do YOU want to go $750,000 in debt from just medical school, to get paid minimum wage by the government for your service when you get out? I didn’t think so!

No, Obamacare is a bad idea from a bad president foisted on the public by a bad vote from a bad congress. The only thing positive that came from this experiment from hell is that it will die a painful death soon. And then, we can all rejoice!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!