Hillary’s “Martha Stewart” Problem

While the world watches Paris burn, one other little note has emerged regarding the US presidential race that I find particularly interesting. Even though Hillary Clinton would love to see the scandal involving her email while the Secretary of State, and her private in-home server and the hundreds of classified documents go away, apparently that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

While she shrugs her shoulders and she says she’s cooperated fully with the State Department, a judge has decided that the State Department is acting too slowly and is demanding that all material by-pass State and be directed at him. Not only that, but the FBI, which usually doesn’t investigate something so thoroughly unless they are really onto something big, has intensified their investigation this week, now looking into an entirely new area.

The FBI is now looking into the “Martha Stewart Problem”. That is where Martha Stewart made materially false and misleading statements to a federal agent investigating her insider trading problem. The law says if you do that, whether or not you are under oath, you have violated a federal law. THAT is what sent Martha Stewart to jail for over a year. THAT is what Hillary Clinton has to worry about now (as well as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills), because it is obvious that they have all three made materially false and misleading statements to federal agents. Hillary Clinton has signed two documents, one at State Department, and the other to a federal judge saying that she had turned all relevant material over to authorities. Both statements were patently false. And it doesn’t take a Harvard law degree to know she’s in deep doo-doo.

The main question here is, can she stall, and deny until after November of next year? Of course, she can always hope that Obama pardons her for any and all wrong-doing. But that may not happen. Word is that Obama is embarrassed by her antics, and is upset with the way her involvement in his administration is tarnishing him. It could very well be that he lets Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department proceed with their prosecution of any crime the FBI comes up with.

Now, even if that doesn’t happen, there is going to be some blow-back on the Clinton campaign. Do you honestly think that the FBI, a totally independent organization from the Obama administration, is going to spend all this time investigating something only to say, “There wasn’t anything wrong here…move along people”. Nope. When you get the FBI this involved, there is going to be some criminal wrong-doing. And even if the Justice Department doesn’t indict, the FBI will leak the documents to make sure Clinton doesn’t win an election. It’s that simple.

No, Hillary Clinton will never realize her dream of being America’s first female president. Her new dream is a little less lofty, but possibly equally unattainable…to stay out of jail.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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