When Is A Religion, NOT A Religion?

Sitting and watching the news about the attacks in Paris, and how everyone talking about it was so sure it was Islamic terrorists at it again in another coordinated attack in France got me to wondering.

Just when are the “free” nations of the world…you know…the west? When are we going to go to the leaders of Islam and let them know that unless THEY do something about these terrorist groups, extremist groups, and sects, that we, the west, will just declare Islam to not be a religion but a terrorist group. Of course, that would send over a billion people around the world into a tizzy, but they’re so close to it right now it’s not funny.

The reason for my thinking is pretty clear. Name another true religion that promotes violence and killing those that aren’t members, even killing those that are members. I did some research and couldn’t find one other religion (at least major religion) that would fit that category.

So, I have come to the conclusion that it’s something that needs to be contemplated. I haven’t heard any Imam in this country denounce terrorism. I haven’t heard the Saudi’s, or the head of the two sects declare that anyone taking part in violence is ex-communicated, and won’t be a considered a part of their religion. I haven’t seen any of the Muslim world really come to grips with this. So, their inaction leads me to believe that they must feel it’s ok to blow up Paris, or the United States, or cut off Christians’ heads on the internet, or fight each other to the death. They must believe that it’s really ok to be a martyr and look forward to 72 virgins awaiting them when they die. It must be ok that they are radicalizing kids, teaching them to hate, and wanting to murder those that have in this world. And I think that’s what it really comes down to…they don’t have, and they want.

They don’t have anything more than a hovel to live in, little food, and they see the excessive trappings that western civilization has, and they want it. I really am starting to believe that the “religion” part of it isn’t the real reason for all of this. This goes far beyond that. This goes to the fact that most people living in the Middle East, who happen to be Muslim, are dirt poor, poorly educated, not used to the finer things in life besides goat herding, being a nomad, and living hand to mouth in huts. And so some guy comes along, ties the fact that they don’t have anything to being Muslim, and it’s all Christian and Jews’ fault, and they need to wipe us off the map. To the guy that has nothing, and is uneducated, that’s a pretty easy story to buy.

Even to someone in this country who feels guilty having stuff when the rest of the world doesn’t, it makes sense.

So what to do? Give the leaders of Islam 60 days. If the terrorist attacks haven’t completely stopped at that time, you let them know that the west will no longer accept Islam as a religion, and it loses all of the courtesies attached to being a religion. Then you shut down Islamic facilities in this country as terrorist organizations. And no, you can’t convince me any longer that this is a “peaceful religion”. I’m more and more convinced that they are the cause of most of the terrorist attacks in the world right now. It’s time to do something about it. And declassifying Islam as a religion is a serious way to show them we aren’t fooling around.

By the way…I don’t expect Obama to do any of this. This man-child president doesn’t have the guts to make tough decisions, only when it involves going around congress. He IS feckless (and I thank John McCain for his only contribution to society since coming back a hero from Vietnam!).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Great post here and It seems not enough people from certain nations raise much of a voice over The Butchering we are seeing far too frequently Thus we see what appears like free reign as there is nobody controlling the animals. Sadly this will go on until some of these silent nations stare feeling pressure over this or come under the knife themselves.

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