Dem Debate #2…From Love Fest To Bore Fest

I’ll say this…Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t be happier this morning. The head of the DNC planned a total of six debates during the primary season (the GOP has already had four!), and wanted them to be in the off-hours. So, she scheduled them on Friday and on Saturday, and one at 3am it seems. Oh, she did it because of one thing…ok, two actually. First she realized that Hillary is not that good of a debater, and got tired of the 15 debates the Dems had last time around. And second (and really the most important reason), she knew her field was weak, and if America actually watched and saw how weak her field for president was, they’d bolt.

She didn’t have to worry last night. America never bolted. They were too busy snoring.

How bad was the Democrats’ second debate? Let me just say this…when was the last time you saw a debate end EARLY? Yup. On a national big-boy TV network, like CBS, the Democrats answered all of their questions, the moderators ran out of questions a whopping 7 minutes early…probably catching all of the reporters in the spin room by total surprise. How bad was it? Politico declared that the winner of the debate was John Dickerson…the moderator.

Was it an exciting debate? Who knows? I was busy watching re-runs of The Office. I value my Saturday nights more than watching a stinking Democrat debate with three bobbleheads. I figured I’d read the transcript this morning. OK…I did that. It was just as boring as the talking heads all said it was. Who won? Who cares? Does it really matter with these three? You know Martin O’Malley is in it only until his money runs out. Bernie Sanders can’t win, and he’s starting to understand that, but he has to be opposition to Hillary, to avoid the “coronation” thing from being used wide-spread. And of course, Hillary is out there just trying to stay out of jail until she gets elected (in her mind).

No, the Democrat debates aren’t interesting…they don’t have any spark to them. There are no “moments” which is really what all debates are about. Oh, you remember those moments…when Ronald Reagan looked at Jimmy Carter and said, “Well, there you go again!” When Lloyd Bentsen sneered at Dan Quayle and said, “I knew Jack Kennedy. I was a friend of Jack Kennedy, and you are no Jack Kennedy!”. Those are memorable moments that define a debate, and can turn a campaign (well, it didn’t work out so well in Bentsen’s case!). They have no memorable moments today. The closest they’ve come is when Bernie Sanders said, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” Oh here…let me hand you the nomination on this silver platter.

And just like the Republicans choosing John McCain, or Bob Dole to be their standard-bearer, the Democrats have chosen (or will choose by affirmation) Hillary to be theirs. And like McCain and Dole, the Dems will learn that when you choose somebody “because it’s their turn”, they get their ass handed to them in the general. That’s not wishful thinking…that’s history talking.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Dem Debate #2…From Love Fest To Bore Fest

  1. While the scheduled time of the debate was questionable, the Democrats talked policy and actually debated with each other. The Republicans rather drivel on about basically horseshit, like their tax plans. This nonsense is not only mathematically challenged but if implemented will bring back the days found old days of St. Ronnie of Alzheimer’s and that ridiculous supply side economics of Arthur Laffer, who for some reason is still employed at the University of Chicago. Remember how the deficits and the debt ballooned under this theory of if you lower taxes then the government will have more revenue. For all you kiddies out there who slept through U. S. history in high school, in the 1920’s the Republicans proposed what was called trickle down economics which said that if you cut taxes on the wealthy then money would eventually “trickle down” to the lower classes. Guess what, it did not. Now the Repubs are back with the same idiotic idea only calling it, I do not know but it will have the same result. Proponents of this idea should not be running for president but walking around pushing shopping carts with tin foil helmets on their heads, or in the case of Marco Rubio, a wrapper from a Cuban sandwich and Ted Cruz, a poutine bowl.

    This bunch is also vying for the “John McCain I Never Saw A War I Didn’t Like” award with the exception of Rand Paul who actually had a lucid moment on this topic. Events of Paris or not, sending troops is a really bad idea. If the Iraq invasion showed us anything, the Middle East is Viet Nam with sand and how did that little dust up work out for us?

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty.

    • I find it fascinating that a liberal would be complaining about increased debt and deficits when the current occupant of the White House has DOUBLED the debt during his time in office (and don’t blame Bush for that one…it was Obama!). I think that you may have spent too much time in insurance, and not enough in finance. It was Reagan that propelled the boom of the 80’s AND 90’s (sorry Bill Clinton…you did nothing to start or continue the internet boom).
      As far as the GOP discussing taxes, yes…they debated taxes. Why is that any less of a campaign topic than “income inequality”, which is the 21st century way of saying “income redistribution”. It has never worked in any country, ever, throughout history, and it won’t ever happen here. The “war on poverty” that LBJ gave us back in the mid 1960’s hasn’t improved the poverty rate one bit…it’s still here 50 years later. In fact, under Barack Obama, a champion of the liberal left, those living under the poverty line have increased. You can’t blame the GOP for that one! You have to blame the guy at the top (since you were so wont to do that with Reagan). You can’t have it both ways…liberalism has NEVER worked anywhere. It’s not working today. It didn’t work back then. It didn’t work in Greece. It hasn’t worked in Spain. I do not like Green Eggs and Ham…I do not like them Sam I Am!

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