Eco-Terrorist Al Gore Victim Of Paris Attack

Poor Al Gore. The world’s foremost eco-terrorist has become a victim of the ISIS attacks in Paris. Gore was at the base of the Eiffel Tower broadcasting his propaganda on “24 Hours Of Reality” when the attacks in Paris took place. He was 4.5 hours into a 24 hour marathon that was designed to tell the world just how devastating “climate change” is…well, more like “man-made climate change”. And he pulled the plug. It just didn’t seem right to be talking about a world-wide Armageddon when people were dying right there next to him.

Al Gore is a schmuck. He really has demonstrated not only in 2000, but since then, that he is a total inept lame-brain and a loser. To be able to put on this 24 hour “webcast telethon” that apparently had six people tuned in, and choose of all days, the one day that terrorists have planned to blow up the City of Lights, is again, showing his incompetence at anything real.

Oh, he had a wonderful 24 hours planned. He already had Duran Duran play at the base of the world-famous tower, and was going to have a slew of other stars that know nothing about science or meteorology, but are “trying to save the planet”. And them sitting there playing their best of hits is really going to save the planet from anything. If anything, it would have just made us feel better when the end came.

What Gore, Obama, and their ilk fail to realize, or admit is there is NO man-made global warming or climate change. It doesn’t exist. And more and more scientists (actual scientists, not musicians, actors, or failed politicians) have recanted their stories saying that governments the world over, and the folks at the UN have falsified and faked temperature readings, ice measurements at the poles, and other data to show that they were right, when in fact, these folks have been lying to the public all the while…and the REAL scientists have been coming forward over the last few years to tell us that.

Of course, you’ve got media, like the Weather Channel, and the idiot newspaper in Flagstaff, Arizona that have been so brain-washed to the whole thing, that they will not even discuss the issue anymore. This of course, lends proof to the theory that a scientist that doesn’t examine facts, but fiction isn’t a scientist at all.

To put it mildly, a world that can self-correct itself after massive volcanic eruptions, which spew thousands of times more pollutants in the air than mankind does, and still is able to clean itself, can handle whatever man throws at it. That is NOT to say that man doesn’t need to be good shepherds of the planet. That means to say, driving an SUV to Jimmy’s soccer game isn’t going to kill anyone…especially when China and India are polluting the world more than East Germany and the Soviet bloc ever did during their industrial revolution.

No, it’s a good thing that Al Gore got pre-empted. I’m sorry it happened and cost people’s lives. THAT was the real tragedy. Al Gore losing his telethon? Well, let’s just say even in the darkest of times, we can all find silver linings.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!