Another “Obama Oops” Moment

Barack Obama just can’t get his timing right. Like the comedian that comes out and tells you the punch line before the set up, Obama is destined to just get it wrong.

Take his latest foray into the field of “oops”. Just hours before the attack in Paris by ISIS, Obama tells George Stephanopoulos that ISIS isn’t gaining strength anymore…that we’re turning the corner. And two hours later…Paris burns. Oops.

Look, I know that can happen to anybody, but it happens to this guy a lot more because he doesn’t understand the world, and he doesn’t want to. He believes in this convoluted and twisted view of his that isn’t based in any reality, and certainly has never worked for long anywhere in the world, and wham! He runs straight into a brick wall again. Remember, “bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run”?  If not, just go back to the 2012 presidential elections. It was what caused the whole Benghazi mess for Hillary Clinton.

See, Hillary had to back her boss, who was in the midst of a campaign with Mitt Romney. And Romney was saying stuff that at the time was just stupid. Stuff like “Russia is our biggest enemy”. And he got called on it. It was Obama’s proof that Romney was a foreign-policy lightweight. Of course, Obama never had any weight in that field, so he stepped in then, and he continued to step in it at campaign stop after campaign stop declaring to anyone that would listen that bin Laden is dead, and al Qaeda is on the run! Oops. Another Obama moment.

Hillary Clinton is probably wishing those words never came out of Obama’s mouth, because when Benghazi happened, they had to blame Benghazi on some non-existent internet video, even though Hillary herself, as her emails to Chelsea and the Libyan leaders now shows, believed that it was a terrorist attack. But she couldn’t say that, because it would be like calling her boss a liar. And from that moment until today, she is dreading the whole ordeal. Think of it. No email scandal. No server scandal. No FBI investigation. She’d be cruising to a presidential victory if not for an Obama moment.

So, how will this latest moment play out? I really don’t think it’ll make much difference. We’ve had four years of such moments since Benghazi, and America has been numbed to his lies and misstatements. This is just the latest example to prove the guy doesn’t have a clue what’s happening in the world, nor does he care. Let him get all of Central America into the country illegally, so he can grant them amnesty. Let him give free healthcare to people who don’t belong here. Let him shut down every coal mine in the country, and cost you and me three times what we’re paying now for electricity (well, you…I have solar panels on my roof). And America is too stupid to remember this past the next commercial break of American Idol anyway.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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