How Whacked Out Are The Dems?

You have to take Bernie Sanders with a grain of salt. I mean the guy is the oldest guy in the presidential field of either party. He’s a flat-out socialist that believes the earth is flat…I mean to say that he is putting his eggs in a basket that was over-turned years ago. It’s been proven that form of government never has worked, never can work. And his ideas aren’t from left field. They’re not even from the parking lot of the stadium. His ideas are from another planet.

Need a bit of proof? OK…in the second Democrat debate on Saturday night (that happened while you were doing something else…anything else!), Bernie Sanders said that the whole problem with ISIS (actually he said global terrorism…same thing), was caused by…are you ready? Climate change. Yup. The fact that the earth is warming (or is it cooling now?) is causing ISIS to get all hepped up and pissed off at the west. And the east….and the Middle East.

When pressed on this, Sanders has changed his tune from the first debate until now as to the reasons why global terrorism is running wild because of climate change, but he still contends it’s happening. The latest iteration of it is rather amusing to say the least.

It goes something like this. Because of the man-made climate change that’s occurring, parts of the world…most notably the Middle East, are becoming dryer. And that means that they have less water. So these terrorists, who are following an 11th century doctrine, are so up on 21st century science, that they blame the west for the fact that we’re causing all of this climate change because we’re putting all of this carbon into the atmosphere. So, they are looking for land that isn’t drying out, but is arable. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

So, global terrorism is caused, not by a geo-political difference…not by religious differences between Christians and Muslims, or Muslim on Muslim violence. It’s all caused by the fact you drive your SUV to Jimmy’s soccer match on Saturday morning.

And there you have it. Nobody at that debate even bothered to question it further. In fact, Martin (I’m a candidate too) O’Malley also chimed in that he believes that theory. Oh good…so the two guys that have as much chance of winning the Democrats’ nomination for president as I do, believe in a theory that is based on Martian philosophy. Grand.

In the meantime, those of us with real intelligence, and a belief system that is rooted in reality (unlike the Sanders, Gores, or Obamas of the world), have to be laughing as more and more scientists are recanting earlier beliefs, citing all sorts of fraud as to the “cause” of climate change. By the way…as an aside…I’ve never said, nor do I believe that the climate is NOT changing. That’s what climate does. It changes. My contention has been all along, that this is a power grab and a money grab by the left. And that what isn’t happening is man is not causing the climate change. I’m not disputing that we’re cooling (as opposed to the politicians and actors out there who can’t seem to make up their mind which we are doing). Just for the record, I believe there IS climate change. Man though, has very little if anything, to do with it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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