OK…Bobo…I’ll Meet With You!

Barack Obama, addressing the Antalya Summit in Turkey yesterday said that if someone has a better plan than what he’s put forward, better than what his joint chiefs of staff have gone along with, better than the people on the ground in Syria have said, he wants to meet with them.

OK, Bobo. I’m game. Send Air Force One to Phoenix. I’ve got my bags packed and I’ll be damned glad to meet with you and tell you where you’ve screwed up. Realize though, I’m not doing this to save your sorry ass. I’m doing this for America, because you don’t have a friggin’ clue what you’re doing.

I’ve said time and time again that there is a way to defeat ISIS. First of all, you call them by their name…The Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, not the Levant. I get it that you want to say Levant rather than Syria, because you don’t want to give the impression that you, Mr. Peace-lover is expanding a war into a country we had not been at war with. But you need to be. Second, you need to understand your philosophy is flawed to the point of defeat if you continue with it. You are getting us into another Vietnam with your pacifist attitude. Finally, I doubt seriously that if you really pressed your joint chiefs what they REALLY wanted that they would back your plan. I know military people, and frankly Bobo, you ain’t military. They’d come up with a plan that put a half-million troops on the ground in short order and blow ISIS out of the water. They’d decimate their leadership, destroy their training camps, and follow them to whatever countries they decided to run to.

You are leading the US down a path of destruction. And you’re doing this country a great disservice by telling the G20 meeting in Antalya that you have THE plan that’s going to win this thing. You don’t know a winning strategy from dog shit.

So, you made the offer. I’m accepting it. Send the plane and give me the date that you want to meet. I’m ready. I sure as hell hope you are!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! Bobo…You’re NOT!


11 thoughts on “OK…Bobo…I’ll Meet With You!

  1. Considering your historical research has the depth of a child’s wading pool, you would know from way back when this is one of the terms used to describe the area. Your analysis of Viet Nam also shows you slept through history in high school and probably college. Pacifism had nothing to do with it, hot to trot generals had everything to do with it. Johnson was resistant to troops in Viet Nam in 1964 but bent to after he was elected. As he said on election night in 1964, “OK, you got your goddam war.” Try reading Stanley Karnow’s book Viet Nam.

    You want 500,000 troops on the ground, for how long, what does victory look like and how do you defeat an idea? Concerned people want to know. This is what bedeviled the Bush White House with VP Darth Vader. Read Bob Woodward’s trilogy on Bush’s war and also Obama at War, especially the Pentagon moving the goal posts on troops for Obama’s surge.

    How did that 150,000 troops work for us in 2003-2011 in Iraq? Your plan is so 1966 Viet Nam with potentially the same results, it is frightening. Then there is that prickly little thing called paying for it for the next 60 years (veteran’s medical care). Debt not big enough for you after the two previously unfunded wars (not to mention two unfunded tax cuts and an unfunded drug plan for seniors)? Looks like you will have to raise taxes, horror of horrors!

    Look at it this way, how many Syrians fought in our Civil War?

    Go forth and spread beauty and truth and I read a lot.

    • Wow. Can you actually come up with any more liberal authors? Actually, I didn’t sleep through either high school or college history (though you seem to like to use that analogy a lot!), and I think you are the one that has the Johnson administration all wrong. Who, drip, drip, dripped their way to just under 2.6 million troops? Hmmm…seems like more than 500,000 (or did YOU sleep through math class?).
      As far as what victory looks like with 500,000 troops on the ground, please don’t stop reading my blogs until you finish the entire post. I told you. Victory looks like victory when you kill everybody (because it’s an idea). You do not accept surrender. That’s the problem with liberals (and George W. Bush). You’re all excited about “declaring” victory in war, without have actually won anything. You win wars by killing the other party until they say uncle. When you’re dealing with an idea, you win by killing them until they’re all gone. Oh, by the way…the 150,000 troops in Iraq? Not enough. W. (and Bobo Obama) failed to learn from Pappy Bush’s victory. You overwhelm them with force. Read Patton. He knows how to win a war.
      Paying for veterans’ medical care is easy. You use the money you’re going to save from repealing Obamacare! C’mon…you’re making this too easy! And just an aside…please research your facts before posting…Syria in it’s current iteration wasn’t around during our Civil War…it was founded as the Arab Republic of Syria in 1961. Little late for our Civil War, don’t you think? (Besides, I’m not the guy that drew all those red lines in the sand, then went back on the fact I ever drew them…who was that???? OH! Our current Chicken-In-Chief!
      Reading a lot doesn’t count when you count wine bottles!!!

      • Your missing the point on “victory.” When is the battle/war over? Kill them all, you missed the point on killing an idea as there will always be one person somewhere holding on to it. Putting 500,000 troops will not solve this as we are fighting an enemy on their own turf which gives them a great advantage. This has happened in the past when a bunch of unorganized populous banded together to fight a professional army, the best in the at the time, supplementing the organized army and they won. Of course I am talking about that dust up in the 1770’s. Viet Nam works also. I would not start getting an emotional orgasm over Patton quite yet, aside from being dead, as he was battling a recognizable enemy and WWI veterans with Eisenhower and would have trouble with what is now known as asymmetrical war. Look at the British in Afghanistan, Russkies in Afghanistan, the U.S. in Afghanistan. How did that work out for everybody?
        As for Johnson, he was suckered by the generals with the old “just give us 50,000 more troops and this will be over.” That kept up until Tet when the obvious became, we could not win and could expect a draw at best. Knew Viet Nam vets when I was in college and they were saying this before Tet.
        I was being metaphorical about the Civil War thing as this is really not our fight. We risk high casualties for a conflict of undetermined length for which we have to finance because we have a bunch of yahoos running around wanting to cut taxes and then bitch about the debt! Clueless mofos. Hate to say this but Rand Paul was actually the most lucid person on the stage when he challenged Marco Rubio, the new warmongerMcCain wannabee, on financing war. Maybe Marco thinks some magic fairy dust will appear to pay for this or his platform includes planting money trees by the tidal basin. The governments in the region are corrupt which is why Iraq when in the shitter after we left because we were no longer paying the insurgents and Maliki failed to bring Sunnis into the government, hence , ISIS, ISIL, the Levant and the newest term, Daenesh. No matter what it is called it is a huge shit sandwich. Remember we are dealing with tribes.

        Repeal Obamacare and replace with what and when? I predict that if successful there will not be a replacement because that is what Republicans do.

        Go forth spread truth and beauty. Facts are not biased and I rarely drink. I’ll take Obama over any of the Republican boobs running. Read A Single Roll of the Dice to see how the Fuerher Monkey and Darth Vader seriously fucked things up in the Middle East. Sorry I do not loan out books.

      • So we agree that in order to win a war, you do it with overwhelming power, nes pas? (since you are headed to France) The only difference is, you blame the generals, and I blame the Commander-In Chief. Last I heard the CIC was in charge of the generals, nes pas?
        Who said anything about replacing Obamacare with anything? Why would you replace a bad piece of legislation, nay, the WORST legislation passed in 120 years with anything? Go back and let the states run it. We are paying more per person for healthcare to insure 9.6 million Americans (7.5 million of whom already had individual plans), which means we are spending a trillion dollars to insure 2.1 million Americans who didn’t have healthcare. Gee…that means you could buy them all a “cadallac plan” for the rest of their lives, and still save over 500 Billion!
        Oh…I’m not asking for your books…even on loan. And I would suggest that you start drinking more heavily. I have a feeling 2016 isn’t going to be your year!

  2. When Barry said “if you have a better plan, I’d like to hear it,” he meant “because I don’t really have one.” Period. He’s in so far over his head there aren’t any analogies to adequately describe it. Snarky is wrong on several points too. First, he sounds like even if we annihilate all ISIS fighters but one, they will always come back. So, for that reason, what? We shouldn’t do anything? That’s fucking crazy. The world would be better off if there were only 1000 ISIS fighters as opposed to 50,000 of them. You bomb the shit out of them with such force and fury that they’re afraid to stick their heads out of their caves for a long time.

    Also, stop trying to compare ISIS with Vietnam. I’m not a history major, but I don’t recall the Vietnamese threatening to come to America to kill us. It’s pretty simple to understand….if we don’t kill them there, we will have to fight some of them here, but only after they have killed who knows how many Americans in Paris style attacks. It’s sad and pathetic to think that some liberals, including Obama, won’t even begin to open their sleepy eyes until after a shopping mall or stadium full of people is blown up here in America. I’ll never understand it.

    Obama has been “talking” tough about ISIS for 1-2 years. He’s been having them fly about 8 sorties a day. At some point this past year, he decided to really kick some ass and send a strong message to ISIS by stepping that up to 15 sorties a day. Now, he has gotten so serious about the situation that, the day AFTER the Paris attacks, we flew 16 sorties – while France dropped 200 bombs on ISIS compounds – compounds that they got the locations of from us. So if we knew where these guys were, why hadn’t we blasted them to kingdom come ourselves? Because we’re being led by a pussy. And if you disagree with HIS strategy then you’re a bigot, a dumbass, or worse. Snarky, if you read this, please don’t vote for Grandma or Grandpa on the Democratic ticket next year until Wednesday, November 9th. They changed the date.

    • We are all entitled to our opinion, everyone would agree with that. The problem with Snarky, in addition to being extremely liberal……his lecture on history is twisted. His opinion on the past and probably the future is just that, his opinion…….not history. You can’t take your opinion and call it historic fact when it is inaccurate. I am 63 years old and witnessed Vietnam from my living room on the evening news every night. It took up 80% of the news nightly. I was part of the final draft, my lottery number was 84, kiss me goodbye…..except I was also the last to receive a student deferment. My point is, I’ve seen wars and battles we have been in from Vietnam on…… What is going on with ISIS and Muslim Terrorists…..is nothing like Vietnam……this is coming to our shores. Our neighborhoods should be on high alert. I agree with E., you can not compare today with Vietnam. Thousands of Americans died in Vietnam…….but now they are threatening even our children and babies on our own turf. We can’t just stand down……and they won’t let us. This is unlike anything we have seen…….and Obama is letting them waltz in. Obama is a pussy….

      • I agree with you (as usual), Arlin…but I think Snarky is harmless. Oh, he’s wrong, and his facts are jumbled, but he’s harmless. I like the verbal jousting with him and it’s good to hear the other side from time to time here, but I’m dedicated to providing the truth. And you’re right…Obama IS a pussy.

    • YIKES! Some very good points there Mr. Williams! I never thought about Vietnam that way, but you’re right. All the north wanted was to take over the south. Actually, I don’t think Obama would open his eyes if a stadium was bombed in this country. He’d find a way to blame it on the GOP. And we all know his “tough talk” is nothing more than rhetoric that doesn’t count for anything because he doesn’t believe in action (other than the executive kind). And like I said to Arlin, Snarky is harmless…let him have his say. It is a great way to get the blood pressure back up to normal after a good night’s sleep!

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