Thin-Skinned Hillary

So, Hillary Clinton is supposedly this paragon of virtue when it comes to protecting free speech and the first amendment, right? Then answer me this, Batman…why is she trying to take down a few short (under three minutes) clips of comedians at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles that are lampooning her? If she’s so into “free speech” can’t she take a little dishing?

Actually the skits about her are pretty funny. They get a little raunchy at times, and if your ears hurt when you hear swear words, you definitely won’t want to watch. But other than that, there’s nothing that hasn’t been said about George W. Bush…and to be honest, nobody has published a book about trying to assassinate Hillary…like they did with Bush.

Hillary has to realize that she wants to be the queen…I’m sorry the QUEEN, and wants the world to curtsey to her. But she’s not willing to take the good-natured ribbing that comedians do when somebody is as blatantly obnoxious as she is. When you lie to the American people, and then try to pass yourself off as St. Theresa’s younger sister, you need to realize that somebody is going to take a pot shot at you.

This is just the latest effort of this woman to increase her likeability by actually condemning those that are having a laugh or two at her own expense. Her campaign is actually throwing their weight behind trying to get the Laugh Factory to take the clips down…are they serious? Are you telling me there isn’t anything more pressing for them to do than try and stop some jokes about the Arkansas Princess? Have we as a country back-slid to the point where this is the type of censorship we are going to be putting up with?

Hey, I’m not saying Donald Trump would be much better. He loves everybody until they take a shot at him. He DID however, come across much better than Hillary did when he was on Saturday Night Live. He realized it was good-natured fun and played along. She obviously doesn’t care for anything that shows her in anything less than a presidential light. Oh well, I guess, we all have issues. Hers are many and well known.

The whole take-away on this is pretty simple. If you’re going to run for president of the United States, you need to open your life up. That means everything, not just what you want to show people. You have to bare the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly. Unfortunately for Hillary, there are an awful lot of ugly and bad in that mix. But she knew that before she threw her hat into the ring, and if she felt she could stop the media from finding it, she has only herself to blame for being such a lame-wad.

Presidential material? Nope. Hillary is anything but. I kind of feel sorry for the Democrats this time around. They’re stuck with someone most don’t even really like or trust. I guess they know how Republicans felt with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney as candidates!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



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  2. First off, I would like to thank the new people for showing up to this site. We need more people to see Sears ads and buy their merchandise as I inherited 100 shares of Sears, now Sears Holdings, from my father. He loved Sears and all the funeral cars went past Sears instead of the family house on the way to the cemetery.

    That said I agree about Hillary’s reaction to comedy/satire as she should be accustomed to it. Don’t understand but then I have not seen the clips.

    Now. it is not a post of mine unless I disagree with your assessment of Hillary’s qualifications for president. Compared to the Republican bunch of mentally challenged and policy challenged running. her qualifications are light years ahead. Name one of the current Republican candidates you believe is better stating qualifications and policy positions, which definitely leaves Trump out, Ben Carson, the Ambien candidate, has who has trouble grasping foreign basics is not qualified for dogcatcher, although his musings are hilarious, leaving what, I dunno know who. Should make for interesting discussion.

    For Thanksgiving, definitely brine the turkey and do purchase a fresh turkey rather than a frozen bird. To paraphrase Eric Stoltz in Pulp Fiction, “It cost more but when you try it you will know where your money went.” My cred on this, I cook a lot and I was formerly a butcher, back in the day.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty. Read the book The Hunting of the President by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons. Facts are not biased.

    • OK…let’s see…what experience does Hillary have that the GOP field doesn’t have. Well, that’s a very valid question. I guess however, the BETTER question would be, what has Hillary done in her life that’s been successful. Let’s review:
      Right out of college, she was an attorney on the Watergate investigation. She was fired from that. Later in life (as Bill was the Governor of Arkansas), she worked at Rose Law Firm, where she was constantly in trouble with the firm. She was a mediocre first lady at best, having failed at the only real thing she set out to do in 8 years (remember Hillary care???). Then she went on a “listening tour” and actually managed to get elected as a senator from New York. Probably would have been a little easier to get elected from Massachusetts, but hey, there wasn’t an open seat there! As a senator, she accomplished absolutely nothing. She was 3 of 713 in bills sponsored that eventually became law. The first was to designate the Kate Mullany National Historic Site. The second was to name a post office in Averill Park, NY, “Major George Quamo Post Office Building”. And finally, she was able to designate a portion of highway in Orchard Park, New York as “The Tim Russert Highway”. All three pieces of legislation were up there with the Bill of Rights, I’m sure you’d agree.
      As Secretary of State, she was instrumental in coming up with the plan to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, then lost interest as her Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were slaughtered because she ignored calls for tightened security in Benghazi. Oh, she also told Obama that he needed to pivot to Asia….how’s that working out?

      Let’s compare that to Donald Trump, who has NO political experience, but has amassed between 6 and 10 Billion in a fortune. Let’s compare that to Ben Carson, who has NO political experience, but became one of the greatest neuro-surgeons in history (and yes…that’s proven). Let’s compare that with Marco Rubio, who was a Speaker of the House in Florida before becoming a US Senator in 2011 (giving him more US government experience than our current president ever had). Let’s compare that to Ted Cruz, who not only clerked at the Supreme Court, he became Solicitor General for the State of Texas before taking over his Senate seat in 2013 (giving him as MUCH experience as our current president). He also co-sponsored a bill that made revisions in the way the NSA collected data on you more constitutional and less invasive.

      Hmm…oh yeah…Hillary really is fit for the job…I will say this…she’s MORE fit for the job than the current idiot!

      Back to school for you!!!

      • Allow to retort, can you provide actual evidence that she was fired? I’ll answer that, she was not. Permit me to enlighten you, your claim is based on a cockmayie book published in 1988 by Jerry Zelfman, her supervisor at the time and dug up by Dan Calabrese in time for Hillary’s run in 2008. Naturally the skanks at Fox News jumped on this like $2 crack whore without doing any real research (surprise, surprise!). Also Zelfman also wrote this in a crap piece for a crap site disingenuously called Accuracy in the Media. What this lizard claims is irrelevant as she served on the committee until August, 174 when, NIXON RESIGNS! Consequently, her services were no longer required. Also any authority to fire did not rest with Zelfman, rather John Doar making that recommendation to Sen. Peter Rodino. So what you say is utter bullshit. Turn off Fucked News before you brain disappears before you are 60.

        Rose law firm, it was the McDougals that were in trouble for all sorts of shady shit, not Hillary. Nice try.

        First Lady, yeah tried to get health care for all citizens but it seems Republicans to this day think insuring our own citizens is a bad idea especially when presented with a plan that that was theirs over 20 years ago. Seems they love America but hate Americans, unless you are white and/or wealthy. At least she tried, which is more than I can say for Republicans.

        As Senator, using El Jebe! quote you dug up, Mr Campaign Toast failed to mention that she also co-sponsored over 70 bills that became law. You look them up as they actually help people. The American Enterprise Institute, hardly a far left wing think tank, said that sponsoring bills is hardly a gauge of effectiveness for a Senator, or even a Congressman (Trent Franks excluded) as they also propose amendments, client services, negotiations, stuff like that. So there.

        Libya, OK it’s a shithole but Gadaffi was one sick puppy. Since your grasp of a big picture is non existent, which of the last two presidents has created a bigger shithole, Libya or the Afghanistan/Iraq axis?

        If you are familiar with the Foreign Service, these people know exactly what they are getting into. I took the FS exam and they tell you upfront that you will be sent to some very nasty places and if you cannot handle that, maybe you should consider another career. Besides the Republicans have been sounding like the SNL Olympic Café skit: Cheeseborger! Cheeseborger! Cheeseborger! as opposed to: Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! Remember hearings on the 7 embassy bombings during the Fuerher Monkeys Reich term? Me neither because there were not any. Guess Repubs didn’t want the truth, sort of like the 9/11 hearings. Get over it, nobody cares anymore in this short attention span society. BTW, Hillary sure whacked Trey Goudy’s pee pee during his hearing and learned nothing new (his words).

        Trump’s billions, an apparition unless he reveals a fully audited financial statement. His tax statement told us nothing or than he killed a bunch of trees. He’s a blow hole like Christie. Ben Carson, never said he was not a great surgeon, other than that, he is a clueless idiot, but very entertaining. Marco Rubio, he was for it before he was against it. He is a self serving barracuda, basically an improved edition of Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz, the Canadian Lationo who has reinvented himself as a southern bigot, y’hear and strangely looks like Grandpa from the Munsters. I have had friends who clerked for Supreme court justices, so what. He wouldn’t be Senator if the Republicans had not sold their soul to the Tea Party. Most Republicans with any juice hate this clown. Shuts down government over ACA, how did that work out for him and more importantly us? The only way he will ever see the inside of the White House is if he is invited or takes the tour.

        Spread truth and beauty. Facts are not biased and YOU have just been schooled. Have a positive weekend.

      • Oh my. Where to start? Hillary has admitted that she was fired from the Watergate committee…and why would Zelfman, an avowed Democrat, lie about something like that? Let’s move on…Rose Law Firm…Hmm…I guess those WEREN’T Rose Law Firm files found in the residence of the White House then, right? If she wasn’t engated in some crappy stuff, what was she doing with files from that actually belonged to a former employer?
        Healthcare: Yup she tried and failed, and there are two points here. You fall into the liberal trap that trying is succeeding…should I give you a participation medal for that one? Also, to your question is it wrong for the government to try and help the underprivleged? Well, yes…it is. They really don’t have the authority to do that, and second, it isn’t about giving healthcare to the poor. Hillary’s plan would have made paying cash to see a GOOD doctor illegal. You would have had no choice. I guess if you liked her doctor under Clinton’s plan you couldn’t keep him/her. Oh. wait…I think it’s pretty much the same thing Obama did, isn’t it???
        As far as her time as Senator is concerned…can we agree that “co-sponsoring” a bill in either house is akin to showing up for elementary school? Some bills in the Senate have 60 or 70 “co-sponsors”, so yeah…that’s not a resume builder. The only three bills she initiated had to deal with renaming stuff. Doesn’t show a lot of compassion, does it?
        OH! I see. We’re swerving out of Benghazi by now blaming Chris Stevens for getting killed? Because after all, he KNEW it was dangerous, right? Yeah…that one needs some work it think.
        As for the rest…I’ll save your post and repost it on November 9th. I’ll let you recant then!
        Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Read the WP today about the $3 billion the Clintons have amassed in 41 years in politics.

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  4. Hill is greatly threatened by the comedians at The Laugh Factory because more people will see them making fun of her at a comedy club than will see her propaganda that airs constantly on MSNBC and CNN.

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