What Does It Take To Wake Obama Up?

Barack Obama is living in a fantasy world. Oh, he understands Paris got the crap kicked out of it last Friday night. He knows that Europe has let in a few hundred thousand refugees and that ISIS has snuck in with them, and have caused this tragedy. But he isn’t quite ready to join the French and bomb the living shit out of the terrorist group. Not yet anyway.

He wants time to weigh his options. Of course, what Bobo doesn’t want to accept is the fact that ISIS is already here. They have thousands of their terror cells in this country, ready to attack, and have said over the weekend that Washington DC is a target. What’s Obama’s response? He hasn’t come up with one yet.

Now, Pentagon officials have said that it would take at least 30,000 troops (read that as “boots on the ground”) to actually go out and defeat ISIS in Syria. The administration doesn’t have that many Syrian rebels trained. They’ve got four trained…and I think the Russians killed them a few weeks ago. No, Bobo needs to take this on himself. Either that or face the wrath of the American people when we get attacked and that will MAKE him go to war with them, as what happened with George W. Bush following 9/11.

ISIS is a cancer that spreads. Anybody that can’t see that shouldn’t be in a decision-making capacity. People from all over the world are going to Syria to get trained, and then are heading back to their countries to spring and attack when the time is right. And you never know where or when it will occur. It could actually be too late for us right now because of a feckless, man-boy president that doesn’t understand foreign policy, and understands terrorism even less. He’s clueless when it comes to defeating this group. And so are most Democrats. I will admit that Democrats did an admirable job in World War II. Both FDR and Harry Truman commanded their troops with aplomb in that war. But we fell apart in Korea, Vietnam, and everywhere since until George HW Bush kicked Saddam Hussein’s ass in the first gulf war.

This is a time we need a leader. Obama is not that leader. Democrats cannot provide that leader with the crop of candidates they are fielding. And just for the record…if the GOP had feckless candidates as they have for the last two presidential elections, and the Democrats had someone who could actually lead a nation, and an army into battle as commander-in-chief, I would be ready, willing, and able to vote for that person. Such is not the case this time. Hillary Clinton doesn’t pass muster because she can’t even say the words “Islamic terrorist”. She says it paints the situation with too broad a brush. That statement alone (forgiving all of other transgressions) has just eliminated her from any sane person’s consideration of her becoming president.

Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders don’t even rate up to Clinton’s incompetence in this matter. As for the GOP, Trump talks a good game, but I’m not sure what he would do. The same for Carson and Fiorina. I think Marco or Ted Cruz could do a decent job, but that’s about it. I’d say we start getting serious about ISIS. They’ve been serious about us for a long time.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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