The Terrorists Are HERE!

I think Donald Trump may be on to something. Of course, he’s not alone. Most people that have an ounce of grey matter upstairs have already thought that all of these refugees fleeing Syria are not all they appear to be. Some, believe it or not, may actually be lying when it comes to being “refugees”.

It appears that Europe is learning that at least some of the people that were responsible for last week’s Paris attacks were “refugees” coming up from Syria. Well, duh!? You mean to tell me ISIS could figure out for themselves that a mass migration of people causes confusion and frustration, and that if you’re smart, you can actually plan a few thousand terrorists with the refugees (since they mostly look alike), and then enter countries that way? Who knew???

Maybe that’s why over half the governors in the United States are boycotting Obama’s plan to bring a hundred thousand or so “refugees” to this country. Oh, don’t worry, says John Kerry. They’re going to be fully vetted. There isn’t going to be any risk of any of them being terrorists. Of course, this is coming from the same guy that said he wouldn’t accept “a bad deal” when it came to the Iran Nuclear Deal either, right?

My only problem with the various governors boycotting the acceptance of refugees is the fact in this country, it doesn’t really matter. All it takes is one stupid idiot to accept them, and then you’ve got problems. See, we have the freedom of travel here. We can move from, say Michigan, where it’s getting cold right now, to Florida, where it’s a lot warmer. Or in the summer, we can move from the deserts of California, Nevada, or Arizona, and go to say the mountains of Colorado or Utah, where again, it can be twenty or thirty degrees cooler. And you don’t think terrorists have figured out that they can settle in San Francisco (because those folks are so accepting and loving of everybody!), and then fly to Washington DC to set off a series of attacks? Nah…never happen!

The problem is with our leadership in Washington. The real problem is with the Secretary of State and his boss. They are total idiots when it comes to trusting these folks. I really would like to sell them a used golf cart! I bet I could get more than I paid for it. Hopefully, congress has the balls to follow through with their threat to defund his “re-settling” plan and not allow these folks into the country. Wait. Let me rephrase that last sentence. Hopefully, congress has the balls to follow through with their threat to defund his “re-settling” plan and not allow any MORE of these folks into the country. See, with the porous border with Mexico, thousands of terrorists are already here. Just think about that the next time you go to the mall…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



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