Our Greatest Threat?

In the state of Texas, they have taken a poll and found that the greatest threat to America is the ILLEGAL immigration that is taking place in this country, and it got me to thinking.

I think here in Arizona, my fellow citizens would probably be on the same path. We’re a border state with Mexico, and yes, we get a flood of illegal immigrants coming in (no…they are NOT “undocumented” aliens. They enter the country illegally. That makes them ILLEGAL aliens!). But it got me to thinking what IS the greatest threat to America right now?

I guess you could say ISIS would be in the ballpark. Not bad for “a JV team” that Bobo Obama doesn’t want to waste time dealing with. I think probably illegal immigration would be in the picture somewhere. Of course, if you’re sitting in Iowa or Kansas you may not necessarily agree with that…but just how are the ISIS idiots coming into this country? Some are US citizens, yes…but my hunch is the vast majority are coming in through a still-porous southern border. Just a hunch. Nothing to back it up.

Other things that are going to be a threat to America going forward? I think one thing that is definitely on the list is the lack of competent leadership. We’ve gone through seven years of incompetence and I think it’s beginning to take its toll. There are a lot of things that we Americans can put up with, and incompetence at the top is one of them. And while I think the country is strong enough to handle incompetence for a while, if you start watering down the quality of leadership at the top, it doesn’t take long for the country to slide. We’re on the precipice right now. We can’t afford another four more years of wishy-washy, mamby-pamby, no-guts leadership that we’ve received from this administration. We need someone that is decisive, someone that can make a decision, and someone that isn’t all talk. I guess that leaves out all of the community organizers out there, doesn’t it?

I think a great threat to America is our economy. Let’s face it, the world economy isn’t in the best place right now, and we’re certainly not leading the pack in that. China is teetering on at least a recession, and I’m not sure they know how to deal with it effectively. Europe is a mess with the huge bills run up by liberal governments over the years that are now coming due (hello Greece, Italy, and Spain!). And Russia is in terrible straights economically, which should also be very scary. Do you know what the number one way to get out of a depression is? You start a war. Anyone want to guess why Vladimir Putin is being so bellicose right about now? What got us out of the Great Depression wasn’t necessarily FDR and his socialist programs (though they helped short term). Anyone that didn’t sleep through history class knows, he was itching to get us into World War II and was only waiting for a reason to pull the trigger. THAT was what really pulled us out of the Great Depression!

Wow. You’ve got quite a bit to choose from. Take your pick. Enjoy. Any one will do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



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  1. Oh I agree start a war……wars are profitable, employees people, ……..building jets, ships, bombs……etc., etc., etc. Greatest recovery mechanism of the economy……Vietnam War, I mean conflict, until it ended, soldiers jobless, homeless and spit upon. War is also a great American pass-time! One problem, sometimes it is necessary. Obama does he not get that or I’m thinking he does, from the other side.

  2. I do believe in war, but i did enjoy your spin of words… we are all faced with choices, was not sure how to deal with our post, I did like it.. I like how you write, so.. I liked it… you did bring out some good points, and you did grab my attention.. have a good day

  3. You take a poll in Texas and they bitch about Hispanic immigration in spite of the fact, fact mind you, that net immigration, both legal and illegal is zero, nada. Couple with the white people hysteria in Arizona that involves anything that does not look themselves, Hispanics, Native Americans, or any of THOSE PEOPLE, the results are not surprising. Actually the biggest threat to our security is, drumroll please, right wing nut jobs, i.e., Neo Nazi groups, skinheads (Neo Nazi or not), extreme pro life life groups (Bombings and/or murders) in spite of the mantra that Christians don’t do terror, or are you saying that the “well that’s only a few and is not representative, blah, blah, blah” applies only you but not to others, like Muslims for instance. Toss in the southern Confederate nut jobs like Dyann Roof and you have one big bowl of pissed off white people mad at the world and ready to take out their anger. This comes from the Dept. of Homeland Security, the governmental agency that Obama is directly responsible for and that has stopped any terrorist attacks during his tenure., and numerous right and left think tanks with smart people in both

    ISIS coming through the southern border? Really? If ISIS wanted to infiltrate the U.S. they would be not be coming illegally, they would fly first class, through Canada, but there is no proof of either other than the mad ravings of Fucked News, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs. Have Syrian refugees appeared at our southern border? Yes, in Brownsville, Texas a few days ago, two Syrian families turned themselves into immigration officials and requested asylum. Holy Crap! What kind of terrorist does this? You may not be aware but since 9/11 over 750,000 refugees have emigrated here and none have anything that threatened our internal security. Further, a poll, since you seem to like polls, was taken of Arab and Persian immigrants as to their life here. Overwhelming numbers say they love it here. Why would that be? Because they have assimilated while still keeping their identity unlike Europe where they are marginalized. This is the true beauty of this country, not mouth foaming rabid politicians who sell fear like used cars on late night TV.

    Obama and the JV thing, son of Benghazi, he said that before the Iraqi army fled leaving all the military assistance we gave them, including uniforms. Why do you think ISIS is so well dressed? Is ISIS contained? From a military standpoint, yes, as they are in Syria and Iraq. Do they have the equivalent of special ops people running around? Yes, as evidenced by recent events. We have special ops running around doing shit, but I guess our shit is good and theirs is bad, which it is. The thing is that their special ops conduct long range planning by finding holes in security. You sort of have to admire their ability to plan and execute from a military standpoint.

    Why the hard charging into conflict after conflict? How are you going to pay for it, when does it end, when do we know and how many at one time? For all of you who slept through history (get your own material) or have not read Edward Gibbons “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” it was not vices that brought the empire down (contrary to right wing Christian babbling), rather it was the increasing dependence on mercenaries to protect a stretched out area. Of course, unstable leadership had something to do with it. This is the boat we are in now and must question what we want our military to do.

    Our economy is fine, but nothing like a couple of trillion for infrastructure would be a help. Think of all the jobs created and the trickle upwards effect for that, but it actually involves Congressional Republicans doing their job, but alas, I do believe I am demanding a lot. After all it appears the Tea Party Republicans believe that paved roads, bridges that do not collapse or earthen dams that do not fail (hello South Carolina!) are examples of wasteful government spending. This bunch of 60 or so “Freedom” loving jackals know nothing of governing, history or economics, just a bunch of bat shit crazy ideologues, who are more bent on group think than anything else. If I were a Republican I would be embarrassed to be remotely associated with this party.

    Does war help economies? Yes and Eisenhower warned us about this. As for Greece, Italy and Spain, nice that you picked on the three worst examples in the EU for the “Liberal stuff.” Hey they sold shit sovereign bonds to banks that knew they were buying shit sovereign bonds and then complained that “Hey you sold us shit sovereign bonds.” To those banks I say you will find my sympathy between shit and synagogue in the dictionary. Convenient you left out “liberal” places such Germany, Switzerland (no EU, but really), Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, maybe because they do not fit your narrow argument. As for FDR (a personal hero of mine and not because we worked for the same company) knew of the existential threat of Germany when he was inaugurated and shortly after, Japan. Italy they invaded Ethiopia. FDR’s programs worked both short (1933-1941) and long term, Social Security. The only contraction of the economy is when he tried to appease the Republicans in 1937 by balancing the budget. Consequently, balanced budgets hurt macro economies. True he tried to gain our entry into WWII early or support our allies, but had to deal with isolationist Republicans who wanted no part of the European war. One other thing you failed to mention, FDR did not want an unfunded war, hence the sale of war bonds to finance our participation, something Bush the Stupid could have learned from. War bonds helped finance to the growth of America in the late 40’s and 50’s. My parents down payment on their house was from war bonds. If you are a baby boomer who has inherited war bonds from your parents, congratulations as they have no maturity date and have paid around 3-4% for the past 70 years.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty. Read The Forever War by Dexter Filkins and Arthur Schlesinger’s trilogy on America from c. 1921 -1939.

    P.S. The only war we are not involved in is the War on Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and really, try the brined turkey.

    • Thank you for your comments, Snarky! I now, for the first time am able to understand Chicago politics. You’ve enlightened us all on why that city is so screwed up when it comes to politics!

  4. “Do you know what the number one way to get out of a depression is? You start a war” Hello ISIS could they end up pulling us out of the economic ditch while getting a bad case of WhoopASS…Just a thought =)

    • Whagt’s a worse thought is, could Obama realize that too and also know that since he’s ” a peaceful president that ends wars, not starts them”, he’s kicking the can to the next guy to do his dirty work for him? Interesting spin on this!!

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