When Competing Liberals Collide…

Sometimes you just can’t get your message across the way you want. Take NBC. They’ve been bombarded with 2 weeks’ worth of protest from the Hispanic community over the appearance of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. So, does NBC tell them, “Hey…it’s a comedy show…get on with life”? Nope.

They met with the Hispanic community. And it didn’t go as well as they would have liked.

NBC President, Deborah Turness made a mistake. Well, she made two of them actually. The first was she agreed to meet with a protest group (note to CEO’s everywhere…you NEVER agree to meet with protest groups!). Second mistake she made was she referred to illegal aliens as “illegals”. Oops. And she did that in front of an Hispanic group (who want to be called “undocumented” because it sounds less illegal?).

So, the meeting from that point didn’t go so well. And once again, you’ve got a liberal group (Hispanic protestors) eating a liberal group (NBC and MSNBC).

This is the thing I enjoy most about watching liberals. They are a loosely-based conglomerate of folks that all have an agenda, but really don’t care about everyone else’s agenda. So they’re together because they are all a little whacked out, but eventually they have to take on each other. It’s kind of like when the unions took on Obama over the Keystone XL Pipeline thing. Environmentalist Whackos didn’t want it because they don’t want anything to do with anything carbon-based. Unions are always looking out for more union jobs. You’ve got a standoff. And it causes consternation for someone like Bobo Obama who is in the middle (and Hillary too, don’t forget!), and they end up having to referee.

Here, you have a major liberal television network, that also happens to own the largest Hispanic-speaking television network (Univision) in the country, getting into a squabble with the very people that watch the largest Hispanic-speaking television network in the country because they don’t like what NBC did by putting on their anti-Christ (Trump), who had made some disparaging remarks, on a popular NBC show (well…”popular” changes from year to year…it hasn’t been funny for a few years now).

And this is the way liberalism will end in this country. The left will start eating various components of itself because one group, be it gays, or homeless advocates, or save the whales, or environmentalist whackos, or on and on and on, will get a bee in their bonnet and will not appreciate the way another group of the left is treating it. It will cause them to spin off into a separate, but smaller group until they realize that they’ve lost all of their cache’. Then they’re pretty well screwed. Most of America doesn’t care about any of these causes individually. The left is really comprised of two parts and it’s important to understand the difference.

You’ve got the leadership. These are the people in DC, and in the various state capitals around the country. They are the people that are more excited about increasing the size of government for their own power and their own good. To them, power is their religion. Then you’ve got what I refer to as the “do-gooders”. These are folks that truly want to do well for the world. I can’t blame them for that, and it’s a noble cause, but it’s pretty much a non-starter because the leaders are only interested in preserving power. They could care less about saving the world. So, you’ve got a bunch of people that are all Haight-Ashbury, and a bunch of people that are all Al Gore. Do they mix? Yup, because the Al Gores have convinced the Haight-Ashbury crowd that they can help achieve their goal. When in reality, the only thing they are really interested in is expanding their base…or in NBC’s case, getting more viewers for a show that used to be funny 40 years ago, but today, not so much!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



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    Just think about it – who is working to kill the American Dream?Obama, for seven years, has done everything he could possibly do to break this country. Are we going to allow him to continue this fight to keep us in bed with the enemy? Hell NO! So what do we do about it? We elect someone that will propel, motivate and inspire us. We must get out from under Obama or the American dream will die – because he is trying to write us off.

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