Syrians Don’t Belong Here!

Barack Obama is flat-ass-all-out-wrong (again). I have no idea how this guy is wired, but it’s not the same as human beings. He wants to shame us into accepting Syrian refugees…this, the same guy that didn’t want to bomb their dictator of a leader and oust him, because he hates war, now wants to push us down the path of accepting hundreds of thousands of the same people he wouldn’t help? I don’t get it.

Apparently, Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown (rapidly gaining on Larry Harmon who was the original Bozo, and holds the title), feels that we are all chicken because we are afraid of three-year-old kids, their mothers and grandmothers. Wrong, Bobo. As made the rounds on Twitter, and is very appropriate, “I am not chicken. I lock my own doors at night. It’s not because I hate the people on the outside. It’s because I love the people on the inside.” Obviously Bobo doesn’t feel the same way!

I feel sorry for the people of Syria, I truly do. I also know that ISIS is throwing thousands of their “trained assassins” in with all of the people that are moving into Europe, and want to come to the US. They’d love nothing better than to get free passage into our country. Of course, thanks to Obama not doing anything with our porous border to the south, it’s not that tough to get in anyway. But as far as letting all of these people in, and the fact it’s going to take 18 months to vet them? Here’s the deal I’m willing to make with John Kerry and Barack Obama.

I would accept the refugees under one condition and one condition only. If a terrorist EVER came in with that group of refugees, and executed even one American citizen, Obama and Kerry would both forfeit all of their financial fortunes, and would agree to be locked up in solitary confinement for life for mass murder. All it takes is one, and all it takes is one screw up from a government that has been known to screw up as one of its trademarks. That’s the deal, it’s not negotiable, and it’s not something that is going to go on forever. Accept it, and start the vetting process on these folks, or don’t accept it, and shut the hell up!

Who should take the Syrian refugees if we don’t and Europe doesn’t? Well, let me ask this…why hasn’t any Middle Eastern country taken them? Where the hell is Saudi Arabia? What about Qatar?  How about Kuwait, or Egypt? Seems like there’s a LOT of open territory in Egypt, doesn’t it? How about Libya? Fact of the matter is, there isn’t a single Middle Eastern country of Muslim influence that’s willing to help their own people. And frankly, the last thing THIS country needs is to bring in more Muslims. Not with all of the garbage going on in that “religion”.

No, if you want to solve the problem with Syrian refugees, first of all, don’t call us chicken. Second of all, put your own ass on the line first, and finally, step up and take me deal. THEN we can talk!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Syrians Don’t Belong Here!

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  2. Nailed it. You know, I think in his mind Obama thinks he is the world’s president, not just America’s. Someday they need to study his brain to see what was wrong with it. And I love the liberal talking point that 700,000 refugees have come into the US since 2000 or so, and only a handful have even thought about carrying out a terrorist attack. Like it takes more than 10 of them to pull off another big attack of some kind.

    Like idiots, libs are putting compassion above national security, emotion over reason. The insanity never ends…

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