Has “the Shift” Begun?

The recent attacks on Paris, and Mali, and the lockdown of Brussels, may be the turning point for “the shift”. What’s that? Well, that’s what pundits who should know what they’re talking about describe as the point when the voters wake up and dump Trump and Carson and Fiorina, and go with experience over someone new.
They’ve been predicting it for eight months now, and it may finally be happening. Ben Carson, who had nudged Donald Trump from the top spot in Iowa, is now getting bumped himself…by Ted Cruz…a politician with experience.
Now, before we get all gooey here, it’s important to remember one thing…Iowa may be the first state in the country to caucus but they usually don’t predict a winner. Rick Santorum finished with the win the last time around. And they are equally as bad on the Democrats side (remember Howard Dean?).
It could very well be that the voters are looking at foreign policy, which under Obama has been non-existant (sending him to 3rd in the list of “Most Powerful Leaders In the World” behind Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel). Cruz and Marco Rubio both have a ton more experience at foreign policy than either Carson or Trump, both of whom sound very weak and unassuring in their foreign policy dealings. Carson, especially has even admitted that he’s weak in that area, and needs to bone up on it. He may not get the chance!
While there isn’t a poll out that shows Carson slipping to Cruz, it’s pretty circumstatial, and very fluid. Cruz is rising to the top with his firebrand rhetoric, and rock-ribbed conservative style that Iowan Republicans love.
Will it change the overall tone of the campaign? Is this the end for Carson and Trump? Currently they have about 40% of the GOP vote in national polls. Only time will tell whether this is “the shift” or just a bump in a long, bumpy road. And time will tell how both Carson and Trump (as well as Rubio and Cruz) handle it. Something strange happens when you become the leader of a primary. You change strategies and style. That can be good, but it can also sink you quickly.
Whatever happens in the next 2+ months, it will be fun to watch!
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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