How Can You Tell?

Quick…what does an Islamic Terrorist look like? Can you pick one out of a group of people? If you ask them where they are from, are you able to discern which one will blow you up? Is there any computer database, anywhere in the world that can help?
The answer is, of course not. Islamic Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional thinking was that men 18-34 of Middle Eastern descent are the terrorists, but we know that’s not true anymore. It can be kids…some as young as 10. It can be women…we’ve seen that before. It can be anybody, really. You can’t judge anyone as a terrorist because they are from the Middle East, but you can’t rule anyone out either. In fact, they guy living next door to you (or his wife, or his kid) may be a terrorist. They are now Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Saudis, it goes on and on.
So, how in hell can Obama tell you that we are going to be safe, that we have a great big database that is going to protect us from terrorists? How can anyone on Earth know for a fact if someone has evil in their heart? If someone has a definitive answer on that one, I’d like to hear it.
Oh, I just don’t buy the notion that we have this unbelievably tough vetting process that takes 18 months to 2 years to get through. Yeah, terrorists can’t lie for 2 years, so what are we afraid of? Hell, Hillary has been lying her whole life!
Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better. I don’t think I can trust my government to keep me safe in this situation. Somehow, I don’t think the president knows his vetting process from his ass when it comes to letting people into this country. Somehow, it seems more important to him to let these Syrian refugees into the country for the same reason he wants to make illegals citizens…he’s counting on their votes.
As one Greek said watching a sea of refugees come to his country and depart to Europe, there is no way of knowing which one, if any, or all of them, are terrorists or jihadists. Nothing can look into their long-term intent, and tell you whether or not they are going to be committing a terrorist act.
So, is it better to trust them or is it better to be safe? Even the most ardent supporter of letting them into this country tell you that there is a 98% chance of catching them. Is that 2% failure rate ok with you? How many would it take to get to the 18 or 19 that took down the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon? 400? Are you safe knowing that?
Frankly, I don’t think we owe the world anything in terms of taking in refugees. Certainly not from Syria. If we aren’t willing to put boots on the ground and fight for their beliefs and their country, then we shouldn’t have to accept their refugees. It’s plain and simple.
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Of all of your posts I have read, this by far is the most racist yet.

    QUICK! Can you pick out the potential mass murderer in the crowd? The one with the Glock 17? Does he look like everybody else, does he sound or look mentally ill? No way, Jose. Yet Desert here is worried about the odds of a Syrian immigrant terrorist somewhere, ready to do something.

    While an ardent supporter of immigration as our country is currently fucked on birthrate, I do not know where the “2% of ardent supporters” comes from. It could be true or Desert pulled it out of his ass, as conservatives are want to do. Anyway, since we have allowed around 780,000 refugees in since 9/11, there have been 3 incidents and none have threaten our security. Using the 780,000 figure divided into 3 reveals a percentage of .0000038. Although I did not have the precise figure (it was in excess of 780,000), it did come from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Now I know there is gnashing of teeth because the government does not do anything right, the exception being the State of Arizona which does everything wrong. Since the Bush fuck up on 9/11 there has been no terror incident during a presidential administration the past fourteen years including, horror of horrors, President Obama. Gee the government is doing its job liking issuing Social Security checks on time, tax refunds from the despised IRS, Medicare, and so forth. So it is time to scrub Saint Ronnie of Alzheimer’s from our memory because basically he was an eight year fuck up, but did govern through compromise, something that the current clown car of Republican candidates seem to forget. I’m talking to you Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the “Freedom” caucus.

    Speaking of President Obama, I see the Brits might join the air campaign and the French finally joined it. Maybe Obama’s strategery is fine. Please no boots on the ground as Fuerher Monkey’s lying sack of shit war in Iraq showed us what the future of this is going to be. Can you say increased national debt?

    Although this has sort of been all over the place, back to my title above.

    The media, all of them, are selling fear like used car salesmen on TV at 3 AM. The public has been eating it up more than Rush Limbaugh at a burrito blowout at Chipotle. Someone once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself-nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror.” Oh yeah, that was FDR (yeah F&D) who saved capitalism the first time. While I do realize that he was referring to the Great Depression, those words are as true today as they were over 82 years ago. We talk a good game but end sounding like that drunk at the end of the bar at closing time on Saturday night. Talking to you Donald Trump and your disregard for the Constitution you allegedly hold dear. The French, who seem to have had some problems lately with French and Belgian nationals, not only went out last Friday and partied like it was 1789 showing no fear, but went around hugging Muslims and wanting more Syrians to immigrate. Well done France, well done. Meanwhile, we are foaming at the mouths like the rabid dogs Ambien Ben Carson mentioned last week.

    Desert mentioned a few days ago, why don’t the Syrians immigrate to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc. Maybe they do not want to go to a more repressive place than they came from and they have endured over five years of war. Did it ever occur to you that they believe in the American dream also? I think not. This rant on the Syrians is really old American playbook on immigrants and has been going on since the late 1600’s. Unless you are 100% Native American, you are descended from immigrants and I’ll bet the same thing was said about your ancestors. So chill the fuck out. BTW, there are four thousand Syrians living in Arizona and a ton of Iraqis in Tucson. So where’s the terror? Vetting must be working.

    I have known and worked with Muslims during my 30+ year career(do you people?) and have found them to be hard working and better citizens than me. Unlike Europe, they have assimilated into our culture while still keeping their identity, like your ancestors and you. This is why I am not worried about letting them immigrate. Ask yourself, are you prepared to leave everything you know behind, carry what can fit in a suitcase to immigrate to a country where you do not speak the language or understand the culture and want to work and fit in desperately? I think not. Think of that when you talk about any immigrant, legal or illegal.

    I will be going to Europe next year with an old friend and our first stop is visiting some friends of mine in The Netherlands. Although they tease me about my not very fluent Dutch and I do want to learn the language, they do say that my acceptance of their culture and my efforts to learn by reading newspapers are admirable. They do like certain aspects of American culture, such as sports team shirts and when I say “water down the infield” in the local pub. Dutch joke, What happens when a Dutchman opens his wallet? Moths fly out. (Dutch are notoriously frugal. I would tell a Belgian joke, but it is visual.

    We will also be visiting Brussels and Paris to show our solidarity, plan on visiting the bistros that were attacked, eating and drinking there.

    Happy Thanksgiving and the day after is when Gov. Bradford began appropriating Native American land and we began the ethnic cleansing of America.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty. Don’t be afraid otherwise the terrorists win. Ach Wel!

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    Lets say they pass Obama’s vetting process. They come to the U.S., they look good and all. Then relations with Muslims back in their homeland turns bad or worse; what keeps them from turning. Its kind of like the blood is thicker thing. The safe bet, make things work out in your country. Fight for yourself. Its the easy way out, come to America, where we do it all for you.

    • First off, it is not Obama’s vetting process as it has been used for years allowing Lebanese, Saudi, Iranians, Moroccans, Iraqis, Jordanians and so forth. Consequently it should be identified as the vetting process. What follows is utter nonsense. They have been bombed, gassed, arrested and tortured. This is being done by a brutal dictator with backing from the Russkies and Iran. Maybe it just the women and children immigrating while father is fighting. Who knows. The point is they want to come here for a better life, the American Dream, the exceptionalism that we wave like the flag. Either this line is true or just propaganda bullshit. Your last sentence I am not sure what you are referring to but if it is military, maybe you might remember the French helping us during that disagreement with the Brits a couple of hundred ago.

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    If they are a Muslim, good or bad, when it comes down to the matter of cutting bait, they will go with the Quran and to Hell with the Constitution. That is exactly what happened in Great Britain and Frances – the politicians fooled the people into thinking they would assimilate with their people. That will never happened.!
    These leaders are mixing up the world so that we will take care of them through the welfare systems in the different countries – it is called share the wealth. It also has been proven in Europe that after testing their IQ’s – there isn’t much up there.


    • Interesting comparison, kind of reminds of Kim Davis, that dopey broad in Kentucky, who believes that the law of an invisible cloud being is more important than the Constitution, she stills has her job along with clown son and the taxpayers are paying their salaries for not doing their jobs. Where I can I sign up for this with a pension plan! No outrage from you on that I suspect, maybe because she is a Christian that you over look it. Some driveling shit about religious freedom. No, it is really about I am special and I do not have to follow the law of the land. If the State legislature that was not a composite of a Deliverance remake, she would have lost her job by know.

      You are correct about Europeans and the marginalizing of Muslims there, which is why they have problems. It’s not just the politicians, but discrimination throughout the countries because anybody can become an American but if you are not French, you will never be.

      Stop with the welfare thing as it is a tired old argument with actually no basis in fact, live your last sentence which it preposterous. Prove it and Fox News, World Net Daily, Breibart, Drudge or any of those other sites where the employees walk around with tinfoil hats.

      • Wow! You’re getting soft in your old age…we actually AGREE on something? I’m impressed. By the way, not everybody from Kentucky was in Deliverence. It just seemed like it. As far as Kim Davis losing her job, you of all people should know, federal, state, and local governmental employees NEVER lose their jobs. Look what it took to get Lois Lerner to leave, and that was with a full pension that YOU are paying for! She oughta be in jail…not just receiving death threats, but actually having them carried out (afterall, she WAS carrying out the constitution???)

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