Why Everybody Should Be A Liberal!

I’m reading the headines this morning and I can’t believe everybody isn’t jumping on the liberal bandwagon. Gee…they have so much fun, and they get to do things the rest of us could only imagine. And they can still be the meanest, most unhappy people ever to walk the face of the earth. Here’s a for instance:

150 Mexicans allowed to leave JFK without passing through customs: Only a liberal who doesn’t care about the security of our country could not even wince at the fact that 150 Mexicans arriving at JFK airport in New York were allowed to leave the airport without passing through customs. Donald Trump was right…we have no borders.

Prince Charles says “climate change” is the root cause of the Syrian War (and as a sideline…)AND a scientist has declared that “global warming” was the cause of Hitler’s rise. Wow. These guys will say any
thing to push their agenda, won’t they? Don’t they know how ridiculous that makes them sound?

King os Sweden has called for a moratorium on baths to save the environment. OK…I get the saving water deal…what about saving the nostrils of the guys (or gal) standing next to you?

Pee-Recycling catching on…in an effort to recycle everything, there is a faction that believes that recycling pee (yuck!) has benefits beyond belief. What? Are we living in ancient Rome now?

Obama gave ISIS a 45 minute warning before bombing them. Only a liberal would tell their enemy that, “Hey guys, we’re going to bomb you in about 45 minutes, so you better leave”. Who’s side is he on anyway?

My God…it’s on days like this…only a day away from Thanksgiving, as I’m surrounded by family, I can only say, I’m very thankful I’m not a liberal. I use my brain too much!


4 thoughts on “Why Everybody Should Be A Liberal!

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  2. What do conservatives and Stevie Wonder have in common?

    No vision.

    It seems that conservatives have some problem dealing with complex issues. It seems that the solution to any issue is tax cuts, cutting safety net programs, “entitlement reform” and liberal (no pun intended) doses of nativism, xenophobia, racism, more unfunded war, more bases, more for military budget, tax subsidies, making shit up and generally flying the money helicopters over people or institutions that do not need it. That is when they are not being incredibly reactionary.

    Case in point, the 150 Mexicans thing. What is the context, who are they, what is the real story and more importantly, from where? Are they diplomats, if so they have immunity once they show their diplomatic passports. This is the “dog whistle” race/immigration nonsense that implies that they may be illegals. If I say a group of black people entered the country through Minneapolis without going through Customs, what would think, a rapper and his posse, Boko Haram since there is a large Somali population in Minneapolis, what? If I say Obama coming back from a trip to Canada and is stopping in the Midwest, it changes the story. Donald Trump is still a monumental blowhole in addition to being a lying sack of shit. But that’s another post at a different time.

    I am a liberal and I am extremely happy, it is the conservatives or as I like to call them, the tinfoil hat, obtuse, low to no information voter. Seems Republican white people are cranky over everything, buy why? The Republicans have do absolutely done nothing for jobs, infrastructure repair (tied in jobs and a raise in the gas tax), What are their accomplishments since taking control and receiving large campaign contributions doesn’t count. Repeal ACA, how well did that work out? Shutting down the government for nearly a month led by 9 month Senator El Cruz costing the economy I believe $70 Billion? There is change you can believe in.

    Desert as usual shoots from the lip without any context or importantly, research. Case in point, Syrian war. While everyone with half a brain know that the U.S. has had an extreme drought for about ten years. With typical American tunnel vision, there has been a terrible drought in the Middle East causing all sorts of problems. Same goes for the 1930’s as there was a terrible drought around the world. Now I admit the Hitler thing was a bit more complex such as rampant inflation, disappearing middle class, reparations to be paid for WWI and the whole Versailles Treaty thing (how does one sign a truce as equal and then later is declared the loser).

    Do not get the Swedish thing. Are you saying the Swedish can no longer shower, is there some short of schedule or is Desert phrasing this to some effect without presenting the entire story.

    Recycling pee, another dime dropped as we say in Chicago, but does not present the entire story. Yes this is being currently done but not for drinking as far I know. It has and is being done in Las Vegas several large strip hotels being utilized in display fountains in front and around the hotels. Bellagio, Treasure Island and even Caesar’s Palace. So yes Virginia, we are living in ancient Rome in a fantasy sense.

    As for the bombing of ISIS, we dropped leaflets so there were no civilian casualties. We did bomb the crap out of their tanker trucks. Seems Republicans want to bomb the shit out of everybody within a 500 mile radius of wherever we are dropping bombs. The Frueher Monkey, Darth Vader and “Snowflake” Rummy did their best to cover up civilian casualties in Iraq which numbered in excess of 100,000.

    So when you are sitting around the Thanksgiving table enjoying a typical Pilgrim Thanksgiving dinner of clams, cod, eel, squash, corn, beans and maybe game, why did I vote Republican? I am working two minimum wage jobs with no benefits, trying to support my wife and one child and my wife just said she pregnant again with no health coverage, my car is about to be repossessed, I have credit card debt that is beyond manageable and our house may be foreclosed on soon. But then I think that the Republicans have made abortion almost impossible to secure, Donald Trump says my wages are too high, I can always go back to farm labor and make less money because Repubs want to get rid of the people who do this work, my work hours may be cut because my millionaire boss who owns fifteen McDonald’s franchises does not want to have to offer health insurance because he might lose money. Yes, all is right with the world.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and you should be brining that turkey now.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty. The truth hurts and it’s always funny.

    • Well, to try and refute that would be easy, but frankly isn’t worth it. The funny thing is I think pretty much the same thing about liberals. They fall into two very distinct groups…those that want to “save the world” from itself, and those that want to rule the world because they don’t think people are smart enough to control their own lives…hence big government because they don’t trust us to handle our own affairs (which is why they don’t want Social Security privatized…they lose control of the money, and they think the people are too stupid to handle their own retirement.
      As for the Mexicans, i don’t know where they came from or where they are going. Nor do I know why anyone (regardless of nationality) would be allowed into the country without passing through customs. Are you trying to tell me that it’s a good thing? I’d disagree with that 100%..
      I normally don’t have to worry about Obamacare (not ACA) because it is going to collapse under it’s own weight. See, bad law begets bad happenings. That’s why still today 72% of ALL Americans (not just Republicans) feel that it needs to be repealed. Hmmm…it would seem that the majority should rule, but again, liberals feel they know better what’s best for all of us…they like to think of themselves as the “elitests”, yet they can’t write a bill less than 2 million words (Take TPP for instance).
      As for “the Swedish thing”, that’s a direct quote from their leadership. I didn’t say that, it was Carl XVI Gustov. I suggest you do your homework before making poorly thought out observations. Talk about shooting from the hip! And yes…if you read more than the NY Times, you’d learn that people ARE recycling pee for drinking water. Not to say that’s a bad thing…the space station has done it for years.
      Oh, and if you have to work two minimum wage jobs, you can thank your president who has taken the workforce from 73.4% in 2008 to 62.8% in 2014. That’s a 10.6% decrease while YOUR guy was president (don’t try blaming it on Bush!). He’s the guy that caused you to work part-time minimum wage jobs…because employers chopped the “full-time” status to 30 hours from 40 so they could avoid putting people onto Obamacare. Who could plame them!? And besides, if you REALLY applied yourself in school, you wouldn’t have had to resort to a minimum wage job, right? I mean, that’s what Bobo the Clown says! I’m just quoting your guy…and spewing his version of the “truth” which earned him four more Pinocchio’s.
      Turkey has been brining since 3pm. Dinner is at noon.

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