The Broken FCC

When I was in broadcasting, we lived in fear of the FCC. You had to be licensed back then (now, not so much). You had to pass this killer test that showed you knew what wave propagation was and you knew how to calculate it. Otherwise, you had to have someone that DID understand it in the station with you at all times to take meter readings. That lowered your value to the station quite a bit.

And we were nervous of saying the wrong thing on the air. Saying one of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words, could not only get you fired, it could cost the station thousands of dollars if they were lucky, and their license to broadcast if they weren’t.

Today, the FCC is pretty much a joke. It’s run by a bunch of liberal idiots that don’t understand what their job is. It’s cronyism gone awry. It’s been years since there has been an appointment to the FCC with people that actually knew what they were doing. In fact, none of the FCC commissioners today could have passed the Element 9 test I had to take just to get on the air.

That doesn’t stop them from making stupid rules, not just for broadcasters, but any business that engages in communications. And that hasn’t stopped them from issuing incredibly large fines against some of the largest companies in the country. Not to say at all that the fines weren’t worth it, but a $100 million fine against AT&T for slamming it’s cellphone users into an “unlimited data plan” seems a bit excessive.

The problem is, these wonderkins of the air have never figured out how to actually COLLECT the fines they were imposing. So, AT&T hasn’t paid. Neither have other offenders to the crown. And now, Congress has noticed. See, Congress funds the FCC, as it does all agencies, and when you take someone more interested in the spending than measuring non-existant melting icebergs, you tend to get people that don’t like it when even outragious fines aren’t collected. So the FCC is going to be facing the same time of budgetary wrath those folks at the IRS got when they lied to Congress and obstructed justice. Less money to spend for next budget cycle. Because if there is one thing a liberal hates, it’s a spending cut. It drives them absolutely batty.

What the FCC needs is no different than what the FED, the EPA, the Department of Education, the IRS, and a myriad of other Federal Agencies need. A complete overhaul, or a complete shutdown. It really is time for the federal government to get smaller…a LOT smaller. None of those agencies in their current interation are doing anything for the public good, and need to be reeled in. Frankly, I’d be very happy if they took the money budgeted to those agencies and split it between the post office (which still provides the best dollar for dollar service in government) and the military. No…liberals won’t like it, but it will get the job done…and like sequestration, it’ll show that you CAN get by without a blip of a problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “The Broken FCC

  1. The FCC does need an overhaul. That said as communication and band space becomes more competitive, we need a national agency that can be independent and moderate it all. Yeah, I know…a government agency? But maybe there is a way. One of the problems is the technology is old and that really needs to change.

    • You’re right about that…we had been working for years under 1936 rules until it was updated by Clinton in the early 90’s…which gave rise to all of the corporations like I Heart Media (formerly Clear Channel), and cumulus getting involved. That led to schlock radio. TV is not much better. There is a solution, but I doubt the government is the answer. They don’t do things like this very well.

      • They do almost nothing well and it worries me to trust a critical component of our survival to a broken and outdated institution. Couple that with a non- existent communication strategy for the last 8 years and here we are!

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