Eco-Terrorists Meet

Even though the Eco-Terrorists of the world are going to meet in Paris for the next two weeks, don’t expect much substance to follow. Certainly, you will see an agreement of sorts, but anything of real substance is going to be hocus-pocus. That’s becuase of the way these “global warming” deals are made and brought about.

Latin American countries are going to present a bill to the nations at the summit that will guarantee a “sharing of wealth” with the less fortunate countries of the world. China and India will lead a contingent of developing countries that will be on a “business as usual” trajectory, meaning they are buying into the “global warming” myth, but they aren’t going to do anything about it.

And of course, the US is going to scream that they need to continue to cut emissions, while Europe will nod in unison, but neither will really do much that will lower world-wide emissions. That needs to be done from the developing nations, and they aren’t about to do that.

Now, add to the fact that these summits never really produce anything except rhetoric. Oh, they come up with these wonderful protocols and petitions. But none of them are signed by the United States, or China, or India, or any country that is really doing any severe polluting. Same thing happened in Kyoto back in the 90’s, and in Lima in 2014. It’s not going to matter. It’s bascially a “green peace” type of 2 week vacation for liberal leaders of the world.

And so, when all is said and done, you’ll hear a bunch of blather and rhetoric about how we need to do more “to save the planet” because “there is no plan B”. And it will die down. Oh, the UN will try and pass stuff, but they won’t have any impact on the US, and once again, Bobo Obama will scream at a podium that he’s had enough of congress not working with him (it’s a one-way street with him and working with congress). And in the end, he may sign an executive order that a year and a half from now will be as much history as Obamacare, and open borders, and an EPA that’s out of control.

So, what’s all this mean? Basically, the world is going to spend a billion dollars so their leaders get an all expense paid vacation in Paris. I wonder if ISIS had their timing off by a couple of weeks?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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