Hillary’s Million Lies

We’ve all known that Hillary Clinton lies. I mean, that’s like saying the sun is going to rise in the east tomorrow. From the lie about Sir Edmund Hillary being the person she was named after (which was false because she was born BEFORE anybody had heard of him…he hadn’t climbed Mt. Everest until May 29, 1953…Hillary was born on October 26, 1947, so she was either 5 ½ years old before she got a name, or she lied), to the latest, that, according to the New York Post, in a fit of patriotism, in the mid-70’s she strolled into a Marine recruiting station and tried to enlist.
Well, the New York Post has come up with the “million lies” of Hillary Clinton. And yes, she does lie. And no, she’s not going to stop anytime soon. She has lied from the beginning. She’s been called a “congenital liar”, and it’s pretty easy to see that she’ll say anything to anybody at any time to get what she wants out of them.
She’s still using that military recruitment lie on the campaign trail, even though it’s been debunked and she’s been called out on it.
My question is, the press, and the public knows she’s lying, why aren’t they making a bigger deal about it? Here’s someone that is obviously unqualified for the position of president of the United States; she’s obviously not trustworthy (some 77% call her untrustworthy in the latest poll), and 68% say she lies constantly…so why is she still in the race for president? Others (like Joe Biden and even Gary Hart) were dumped for a lot less miss-deeds than what Hillary is getting away with.
The answer is simple. The Democrats don’t have anybody else in the system. The short-bench is causing them to pull a “Bob Dole” or a “John McCain” and run someone that really doesn’t have a good chance of winning just so they can say they’re done with her once and for all. I mean, look at Dole and McCain. Once both of those guys got their butts whooped in presidential elections, they’ve slinked off and really haven’t tried the national stage since. Of course, they’re too old and feeble to do it now.
I really hope that Hillary DOES get the nomination. Can you imagine running against her? Hell, even I could beat her. Oh, she may have been to more countries than I have, but you can’t trust it when she tells you she had an English muffin for breakfast this morning. Wouldn’t you love to sit across from her in a debate and just ask after every answer she gives, “Well, I wish I could respond to that, but I don’t know if it’s the truth or a lie…she lies so damn much”. You win the debate right there!
I applaud the Post for coming up with that article. I really wish that media in general would call her on her lies more often. They tried to do it with the email scandal and she so carefully parsed her words with that one that it went from “there’s no classified email on my personal server” to “there’s no email that was classified AT THE TIME I received or sent it on my server”, which has been already proven false. Yet, no one has gone after her in public on that one.
This country really hasn’t elected someone that was patently untruthful in our history. That’s not to say we haven’t put crooks in the White House…we certainly have. Ulysses S. Grant was a crook. So was Andrew Johnson. Richard Nixon fits that category as well. And, while Bill Clinton probably shouldn’t have been removed from office for his “high crimes and misdemeanors”, he WAS impeached, and wasn’t the most honest guy in the world either…as long as you understand what the meaning of “is” is.
But we’ve never had a congenital liar in the White House. Probably Obama has come the closest. He’s lied on several issues, but I think that’s more to get his political way rather than because it’s inbred in his psyche. While I disdain the fact he hasn’t told the truth and yes, he IS a liar (it’s a proven fact!), with Hillary, it seems she’s incapable of telling the truth, and there is the difference.
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Hillary’s Million Lies

  1. The lies are what makes her most dangerous.

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  2. I wanted to write on this yesterday, but a mentally challenged individual who is plagiarizing other people’s work made sit through a two hour meeting. This person seems to have a problem with the terms projected and actual. But the meeting was not a complete waste of time as actual issues were discussed at the big people table.

    So Hillary has said a million lies based on an article in the New York Post. Wish you had a link to the article so I could count the lies, which probably do not come near a million. Consequently, I believe the Post was being metaphorical. At the moment the best you have is in regard to her being named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Pray tell, what is the second best?

    If you look at the current crop of Republican candidates, truth telling seems to be a casualty. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson (what fucking planet is clueless person from? Probably the one where Joseph of Biblical fame built grain elevators.), El Jebe, and then the kids table of candidate. So I think there is a lot of bullshit being thrown around on both sides.

    Don’t lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll.

    Hope everyone had a nice Thank the Indigenous People for Saving Our Honky White Asses Day and you took my advice and brined the turkey.

  3. I have long said they should never be allowed to vote, through their actions many immigrants are blatantly open in showing us they have no respect for our country or our people However the left courts them instead of taking them to court as our nation’s laws dictate.The deck is stacked against common sense and I would like to deport the entire left. =)

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