Lies Of The Year

As 2015 ends, I’m reminded of the fact it probably should have been called the “Year of the Lie”. There were so many of them, by so many politicians, it’s become a national pastime just to keep up with them. Yet, in no particular order, here is the official list of Lies Of The Year:
1. “I never received or sent classified email on my home server” said by Hillary Clinton on March 10th at the United Nations. Of course, this was a lie. Hillary knew it was a lie when she said it. She tweaked it a little to include the phrase “at the time it was received or sent” hoping that would lend some truth to the situation. It didn’t. Yes, State Department officials classified a lot of material on her server (over 1,000 emails were deemed classified…most after the fact), but any politician in Washington knows what material is classified and what material is not. They are drilled on that before they ever receive clearance. Hillary lied.

2. “The Keystone XL Pipeline bypasses the United States” said by Barack Obama. The Obama administration (including Hillary Clinton as Sec’y of State), tried to punt this football as far away from any election as they could. Unions wanted the project, environmentalist wacko’s did not. And so, Obama tried to downplay it, saying it wasn’t going to bring nearly as many jobs as proponents had said, and that the pipeline itself would basically not be that big of a deal to the US. Wrong on all accounts, and he knew it.

3. “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism” said by Bernie Sanders. Well, we have a problem here. In order to believe this lie, you have to believe that these people struggle more in the Middle East just to survive because the weather gets hotter and they get more uncomfortable and so they want to kill Americans because of it. It has nothing to do with religion; it has to do with their comfort level. It’s about as big a lie as global warming and climate change being man-made.

4. “Ninety percent of my emails were already in the State Department system” said by Hillary Clinton. She knows down deep that she has a nipple in the wringer. Yeah, it’s gotta hurt. And she’s trying everything she can to make this not a big deal. It IS a big deal. She was stupid for thinking she could ever get away with it. And, as we’ve learned from Hillary, when she gets backed into a corner, she lies like there’s no tomorrow. She doesn’t care how believable or outrageous it is. Truth is, her emails weren’t in the State Department system, and they have no way of knowing what percentage is in their system.

5. Planned Parenthood “is the health care backbone for American women during their lives. In fact, it is the only health care that a significant number of women get. About 30 percent of women, that’s their health care.” Said by Harry Reid, minority leader in the US Senate. Actually, Planned Parenthood isn’t the backbone for American women…and no, 30% of women don’t get their healthcare through it. Even if you use Planned Parenthood’s own numbers it’s 20%. Once again, just like Harry Reid accusing Mitt Romney of not paying taxes, he lies again.

6. “129 million people who could have otherwise been denied or faced discrimination now have access to coverage.” Said by Barack Obama. 129 million people? Really? Then why have less than 10 million signed up for Obamacare? By the way…129 million people is about 40% of the population of the US. Nobody (not even Obama) ever claimed a number higher than 11 million uninsured. And, as all of us have learned, having “access” to healthcare coverage is not the same as actually seeing a doctor.

7. “ISIS is a JV team” said by Barack Obama. Another whopper of a lie. Of course, if it IS true, then the US is getting their asses kicked by a JV team. And it’s not the military’s fault…it’s the fact that the commander-in-chief isn’t capable of waging a war against anybody, much less a “JV team of terrorists”. Nice try Bobo.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


So You Want To Be A Newscaster?

I had to laugh when I read a piece in The Economic Times (yeah, I get around). It was on how Microsoft has developed a weathercaster robot. Not for the Internet mind you…for real, live television. And the robot debuted this past week to amazing results. People loved her…er…it.

The fact that a robot now has the artificial intelligence to understand the weather and report on it, and carry on an intelligible conversation is pretty amazing. The whole thing happened in China, and the initial reports are that the newscasters and reporters over there are worried they are going to be replaced by robots. Well, I can certainly see that coming. After all, they’ve automated our automobile factories using robots, there are a lot of things these days that use robotics and machines to do what people used to do. This is just another step in that direction, right?

But could a computer actually do the work of a real, live news reporter? The answer, apparently, is yes! Also in China, the game company TenCent has written software that basically can research and write a story and get the thing printed in about a minute. Now, its basic reporting…we’re not talking about doing in-depth investigative pieces here. But still, to be able to do about 80% of the news out there with one computer and have a 30 minute newscast written in about 30 minutes is pretty incredible. And you know if they are going to be doing this stuff in China; it’s only a matter of time before someone in the US picks up on it. After all, the CEO’s of Fox, or ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN have got shareholders to report to. And if they can cut a few reporters’ salaries out of the mix over the course of a year, that adds up to real savings; especially if there isn’t any loss in quality, and apparently there’s not.

One reporter in a different market read a piece written by a reporter and one written by a computer. They couldn’t tell which was which. That tells me that there are going to be big changes coming to the US, and that if you have kids enrolled in Journalism School anywhere in this country right now, you’d better talk to them about changing majors in a big way! They will graduate with a degree in blacksmithing!

I saw quite a bit of this in media when I was working in it. Hell, when I started working in radio, we had to learn how to “cue” records, because we played 45’s and LP’s on turntables. Then everything went to “carts”, basically something that looked like an 8-Track cartridge. After that, we progressed to CD’s for a very short while, and now everything is on computer. Every station in the world uses a computer to hold every song ever written. Our library at what was Clear Channel was enormous. Depending on the format you were working, you could basically play any song ever written for that genre. It was all digital, so there were never any skips, or broken tapes or anything like that to deal with. And that was several years ago. I’m sure now it’s even more fine-tuned.

The lesson to be learned from all of this? Time moves forward even if you’re not ready for it to. It will probably take your job in the future, so you need to be aware and flexible. It’s just that simple!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary’s Playbook

The Democrats have already outlined their playbook for 2016. They know what they are going to campaign on. And it’s rather funny. If I weren’t a semi-intelligent adult who follows the news closely, I might think there were writing a sitcom for television. They’re not. They’re serious. They do believe that by spinning this pile of crap into something else, they can convince America that we are the best we’re going to ever get and that they are here to make sure it stays that way.

Here’s their playbook. When Hillary gets the nomination, she’s going to hit the campaign trail and tell you the following:
1. You aren’t making it like you once did because the rich is soaking you. And so, she is going to raise taxes on the rich. It’s the old “class warfare” play that Democrats use consistently. Unfortunately, history proves otherwise. When the wealthy (1%’ers) do well in this country, the middle class usually does well. When they don’t do as well, the lower class grows. That’s a historical fact.

2. We need to re-write the Bill of Rights and remove the second amendment. Yeah, Hillary wants to take gun control to the max. She, like other Democrats are under the mistaken belief that if you take guns away from everybody, nobody will have guns. This was the same logic used in prohibition. All you have to do is take booze away from people and they’ll stop drinking. My, how right they were back then, right? If a crazed shooter is going to try and take out a bunch of people and then turn the gun on him and end it all, do you really think he’s concerned with what laws he’s breaking? Big disconnect with reality on this one!

3. We need to embrace immigration, not stop it. We should be welcoming the world to our shores like the Statue of Liberty says. That worked 100 years ago. Unfortunately it’s a different world today. We didn’t have terrorists trying to sneak into the country back then. We didn’t have streams of illegals pouring over our southern border like hot maple syrup over a stack of fluffy pancakes (sorry….I haven’t had breakfast yet!). And we didn’t vet people back then like we do today. It’s a different world.

4. Abortion is just a woman’s right to choose. Well, this debate has been going on for decades. What the Democrats don’t want to admit is the fact (and it has been proven as fact), that that lump of cells in the woman’s body is actually life. And these women getting abortions are actually killing babies. Now, they don’t want to see it that way because if they understood that to be the case, the adoption rate would go way up and no one would get an abortion. You’re not removing a wart…you’re killing a baby.

5. If two people love each other, does it really matter what gender they are? You know, right at the end of the height of the Greek civilization that gave us greatness, and again during the fall of the Roman Empire, homosexuality was rampant. I’m not saying there is a connection there just that it seems to be more prevalent at the end of a civilization’s greatness rather than at the beginning. It’s because our morals become looser and freer. We accept as “normal” things that earlier we wouldn’t consider anything but weird.

6. The economy is working. We are adding jobs and now have added more jobs than George W. Bush lost during HIS recession. Well, truth be told, it was Bush’s recession AND Obama’s recession. You can’t pin it entirely on Bush. Bobo made it a LOT worse than it had to be because of his crazy policies. And while we’ve added more jobs than we lost 8 years ago, we have fewer people in the workforce now than at any time since the mid 1960’s (me included). More people just hung up their suits and shirts and ties, and traded it in for cargo shorts and golf shirts. The economy is not working. It’s like a badly tuned engine, and needs some mechanic to come in and give it a major overhaul.

And finally: 7. America is the pre-eminent leader in the world today. I about choked when I read that on Politico. Really? That’s why we’re having such a hard time defeating a 40,000 man army when the US boasts 2.5 million person military. It’s because we have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t understand how to use the military, and won’t let the professionals in the Pentagon do their jobs. America has lost the pre-eminent leader status. Russia is viewed more as a world leader by the rest of the world, as is China, and even Germany. The US has lost its luster because it’s lost its credibility. No, we need to work on this area as well.

There you have it. The Democrats’ playbook. Oh, they’ll throw in other things as well, like education, and climate change, and things that frankly any federal government shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with, but that’s just Democrats’ blather. It’s doubtful they’ll ever get anything through on those things.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Now THIS Goes To Far

OK, I’ll admit it. I like Italian food. No, let me be 100% truthful with you. I LOVE Italian food. Pizza, pasta, all the stuff the folks say you shouldn’t eat tons of, I like. I have to make sure to cut way back on the stuff though. I try to eat pizza only once a month or less. Pasta is a little more difficult, but I limit it to once every two or three weeks. But to hear what just happened in Italy, the birthplace of Italian food (pun intended), is outrageous!

A little backstory first. Italy has been going through some rough times weather wise lately. They’ve had 50 days or so without rain in Naples and Rome. The air pollution index is through the roof. In Naples, they have over 2.5 million cars traveling to work every workday, and the pollution is really bad. So, in Naples they’ve decided to limit the ability to drive. People with even numbered license plates can drive one day, people with odd number plates drive the next. It still puts over 1.3 million cars on the road, adding to the pollution.

And in the tiny little town of San Vitaliano, the Mayor there has banned pizza ovens. Well, ok, not ALL pizza ovens, but wood-fired pizza ovens (that’s how REAL Italians bake their pies). Look, I understand, no one wants to have a city that looks like Beijing, but for cryin’ out loud people, you can’t turn off your pizza ovens in Italy of all places! That’s totally un-American!

I’m just waiting for Al Gore to come out and use this as another example of global warming. You know he’s itching to do it. But I’m sure he’s still in a holiday stupor and has a bad eggnog hangover (they’re the WORST!). You know it’s just a matter of time before Obama decides to do the same thing in this country. Especially after he agreed to that Paris summit thing where they want to cut carbon emissions by some percent (they really didn’t say how much), because he doesn’t want the US to get slapped with the sanctions (oh, wait…there ARE no sanctions if you don’t follow it!).

After all of the craziness and nonsense that we’ve all put up with over the past seven years, I’m hoping that it’s time to get sensible again in 2016. That’s my biggest wish for the New Year. I’m just hoping and praying that common sense finally returns to America. We’ve spent the last seven years with the philosophy of “if you want to see what’s in the bill, we must pass the bill”, and “Every household will save $2,500 a year in insurance premiums”, as well as, “I had a private email server at my home, but I never, EVER had classified material either sent to me nor did I send it to anyone”. Can we just please get back to honesty? PLEASE???

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mainstream GOP Needs To Wake Up

The mainstream branch of the GOP needs to wake up in a hurry. From last April through the end of the year, they clamored that Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina were nothing more than window-dressing. We shouldn’t worry that Donald Trump was at the head of the pack, because that would fade with time, and REAL politicians, people that serve the public day in and day out would rise to the top like so much cream.

And that hasn’t happened.

If anything, Trump has widened his lead. And the two “real” politicians that are chasing him happen to be the two youngest in the field in Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. What happened to the grand ol’ gentlemen of the Grand Ol’ Party? Well, what happened is, as the electorate got disenfranchised with electing people to the House and then the Senate only to see nothing change, they figured that it was time to throw out the baby with the bath water. And that has Reince Priebus and the rest of the GOP leadership scratching their collective heads.

You have to wonder what’s going on behind closed doors at GOP headquarters. They have to be trying to figure out any way possible to eliminate Trump and Carson. Fiorina is pretty well toast anyway, so I doubt anyone is worrying about her. But this certainly isn’t the way it was supposed to go. Jeb! Bush was supposed to beat the other guys and fight Hillary for the presidency next year. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way. So, the GOP must do something. Actually, what they are doing is dead wrong.

Instead of embracing Trump and letting him run his own campaign, they are putting roadblocks up. Oh, they’re not SAYING they are putting roadblocks up, because that would make Trump mad, and then if he loses the nomination, he runs a third party campaign that is designed to ruin the GOP’s chances of taking back the White House. So, they have to be sneaky about it. But it’s the wrong move to make. They should be taking a total hands-off approach to the whole nomination process until you get a nominee and then back that person all the way.

The GOP needs to realize that the paradigm has changed. People are no longer going to flock to hear the same old dead wood up on a stump. That’s why people like George Pataki, Lindsay Graham, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Jeb! Bush, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich and the like are all left to twist in the wind…not by the party, but by the voters. The GOP electorate wants something different, something new. And you can sense it with the Democrats as well.

I can’t believe Hillary is still doing as well as she is, drawing as few people as she is to her events. Bernie Sanders still is drawing large crowds, but trails Clinton by huge margins pretty much everywhere. He’s out fundraising her for the last quarter, and yet is getting no respect in the polls. And the youngsters are flocking to him, not her. They say that the fight for 2016 is going to be to win over the Millennials, and if that’s the case, Hillary comes up woefully short. She doesn’t appeal to them. She appeals to the older voter that’s always voted Democrat. Meanwhile Trump and Sanders are appealing to people that have never voted before but are sick of the politics and lies of Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun ride for the next seven months. And I’m not even close to calling this race. Not on your life!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

100 Years Ago…

My oh my how we’ve changed. I have a friend of mine the posted the following on Facebook. I’m not one that believes in reposting a lot. I don’t reblog others blogs (probably because I’ve got too many thoughts of my own), and I don’t “share” a bunch of crap on Facebook. But this is “end of the year” stuff that I thought would be fun. With that in mind…let’s go back 100 years and see how we compare to 1915, shall we?
The average life expectancy for men was 47.
You could only buy fuel for cars at the drug store.
Only 14% of homes in the US had a bathtub.
Only 8% of homes in the US had a telephone.
The maximum speed limit in most US cities was 10 mph.
The tallest building in the world was the Eiffel Tower.
The average wage in 1910 was 22 cents per hour.
The average income was between $200 and $400 per year (some people make that per hour now!)
A competent accountant could earn $2,000 yearly
The average dentist made $2,500 a year
A veterinarian averaged between $1,500 and $4,000 a year.
95% of all births occurred at home.
90% of all doctors had no formal education and didn’t attend college. They went to something called a “medical school” which the media and the government panned as being “sub-standard”.
Sugar cost 4 cents a pound
Eggs were 14 cents a dozen
Coffee cost 15 cents a pound
Most women washed their hair once per month using Borax or egg yolks as shampoo.
Canada passed a law forbidding anyone that was poor from entering their country for any reason.
The five leading causes of death were: Pneumonia and influenza, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, Heart attack, and Stroke
The American flag had 45 stars.
The population of Las Vegas, Nevada was 30.
Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn’t been invented yet. Neither had TV or radio.
There was no such thing as “Mothers’ Day” or “Fathers’ Day”.
20% of the country were illiterate.
Only 6% of all Americans graduated from high school.
Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were sold over the counter at any drug store.
18% of all households in the US had at least one full-time servant.
In 1915, there were 230 murders in the US. That’s less than half of the murders the city of Chicago alone has had so far this year (they’ve had 479).
Makes you kind of wonder what life will be like in 2115, doesn’t it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

A Legend Dies

When was the last time you saw the Harlem Globetrotters on television? Remember Wide World of Sports? Not a year went by that you didn’t see the Globetrotters kicking the Washington Generals’ collective ass somewhere in the world, as thousands of people watched on the sidelines, and millions around the country tuned in.

We saw Curly Neal, and Meadowlark Lemon and the rest of the gang go through the antics that made that team the most traveled, winningest basketball team in sports history. Not even Kim Jung Un could boast a bigger winning streak! Well today, I’m sad to announce that the Crown Prince of Basketball, Meadowlark Lemon has passed away at the age of 83.

Meadow Lemon (his real name) played for the Globetrotters from 1955 through 1978 when he left the team over a contract dispute. During that time he entertained countless millions of people all over the world. A graduate of Florida A&M, where yes, he played basketball, he went on to serve in the Army, followed by his remarkable career with the Globetrotters. After leaving the team in 1978, he formed his own traveling show of basketball stars and toured into his seventies. Later he became an ordained minister.

I never got the chance to see Meadowlark Lemon live, but I was able to take my kids to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I know my daughter probably didn’t care much about it and I know my son did, but I just wanted them to share in the happiness that I had as a kid growing up in southeastern Michigan.

We will miss you, Meadowlark! Rest in peace!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!