Eco-Terrorists Plans Aren’t Working

Two years ago, took a survey to see what people’s feelings were about “climate change”. It basically showed that one in 14 people believed that this whole global warming crap was caused by man. For those of you out there that are mathematically challenged, that comes out to 7.1%. Sky News has just released a poll, with the world leaders gathered in Paris to get a free vacation and to sit and blather about “climate change” for a couple of weeks. It says now that 20% of people out there believe that the whole climate change thing has nothing to do with mankind. That’s a rather startling increase if you ask me…and it’s caused by one thing: People aren’t buying into the propaganda the eco-terrorists are spewing.

It was a nice try, really. I mean governments all over the world came together thinking they could lead the sheep into this nice little stall, whereby they could control more of the money, more of the power, and blame it all on the way man has wasted his natural resources and caused all of this pollution. They enlisted the Hollywood left to get involved and cry on the red carpet and at awards ceremonies that we were just inches away from losing earth. And the politicians (especially those on the left) wept that we were only a few short years away from seeing what was left of massive icebergs float past downtown Miami with polar bears on them.

Well, as we know now, none of that has happened. If you took all of the celebrities’ predictions, all of the politicians’ predictions, even all of the scientists’ predictions and put them together, none of them have come true. We still have ice caps at the North Pole. I haven’t seen any polar bears floating on mini-bergs anywhere (and believe me…I’ve checked for it on YouTube!). In fact, something rather interesting is happening. The polar ice caps at the North Pole are actually growing. Last year alone ice, the size of the state of Alaska was added. It seems that the world is cooling, not warming. And it seems that we’re not in danger of losing Norfolk, Virginia or New York and Los Angeles.

What else has happened? No fewer than 200 scientists that had originally come out decrying this vile doom for our planet have recanted and said that the computer models are wrong, and that governmental weather agencies are fudging the numbers. Why are they doing it? Well, as more than one has said on more than one occasion, they thought it was more important to die with their credibility intact than it was to keep getting government research money. Yeah, that’s right. Governments all over the world were pulling grants from scientists who refused to buy into the global warming theory.

Weather forecasters and meteorologists that were pretty popular on places like The Weather Channel actually got fired because they wouldn’t jump on. “Deniers” they were called. And yet, the data all shows that the computer models, the fudged government data, the politicians, the celebrities, and those scientists were all wrong. They have been exposed for the frauds they are.
Just one more incident of governments and the United Nations trying to take over the world by scaring We The Sheep. Except it didn’t work. And neither will this Paris summit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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