Another Obama Failure

Barack Obama came back from Paris yesterday…empty handed. Yup, that historic eco-terrorist conference with 150 nations attending produced zip. Nada. Nothing. No big earth-shattering deal. No climate change bonanza. No big deal. No little deal. Not even a deal on the war in Syria. No resolution to ISIS. Nothing between Turkey and Russia. No hugs. No breakthroughs, only one thing…Russia announced they are sending more of their air force to Syria, and that they’re going to open a second air force base.

Oh…and the US announced (quietly) that they are going to be sending more ground troops to Syria in the fight against ISIS. Oops…that’s another Obama lie, isn’t it?

As I predicted here on this blog before the whoel shebang in Paris started, it was a bust. It was a vacation. It was a chance for John Kerry to eat more French food, and exclaim Je suis Paris! It was not a breakthrough moment the lib for. it wasn’t a feelgood moment Obama was waiting for. It was a waste of taxpayer dollars, and a waste of everone’s time and attention.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Princess, on hearing that there were going to be more troops sent to Syria, said she could not imagine a scenario where she would be increasing the number of boots on the ground in that country. Imagine that…Hillary Clinton, the smartest female in the history of the world, cannot under any circumstance, imagine a scenario whereby she, as comandress in chief would send troops into battle. That’s pretty telling I think, and pretty much disqualifies her from any consideration of winning the White House.

So I think we can safely sayBobo Obama wasted a weekend and millions of our taxpayer dollars. And Michelle and the girls didn’t even get the chance to go to Italy or Hawaii, or anyplace special where they could have a multi-million dollar vacation on the backs of the poor. Oops, I forgot…the poor doesn’t pay taxes.

The other thing to take from this thing…anything that ever could have been agreed to, was that the next president doesn’t have to follow anything that would have been agreed to. That would have required Senate approval. So this whole thing was a show…nothing more than a vaudville show.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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