Obama Getting Painted Into Corner?

Is Barack Obama being pushed into a corner on spending during his last year in office? It would seem so. As the man/boy president is in Paris, trying to convince the world that this is the last chance to make the earth safe from mankind (and having as much success as anything else he’s attempted), congress is readying a spending bill that would get passed the December 11th deadline when the federal government runs out of money.

In this particular iteration, congress realizes that Bobo has said time and time again that he’s through with those Continuing Resolutions that keep the government open for a short period of time. He’s basically looking to increase spending on the social side, while leaving the military to fend for itself as it faces increasing pressure in the Middle East from ISIS, and a lowered morale because of his lack of leadership. But congress may actually have a few tricks of their own up their collective sleeves. It appears that groups of Republicans and Democrats are getting together debating and negotiating an omnibus spending bill that would include among other things a rollback of some of the financial and environmental reins Obama has put on; a tightening of immigration of Syrian immigrants coming into this country; and many other riders that are being discussed.

Of course, Bobo is off in Paris, drinking champagne and watching the Ooh La La girls do their Can-Can dance. Oh…I mean, he’s working hard to save the world from the United States and Europe as we continue to pollute and give China and India and Central and South America freedom to catch up to us economically by giving them a pass on pollution (which makes as much sense as a car run on bologna).

Will the ploy work? It hasn’t in the past, but this time, it appears the bi-partisan effort may actually have Bobo backed into a corner to where he has no choice but to accept the concessions. Not that it really matters what congress says or does anyway…this guy will do what he wants and ignore any part of any law that he doesn’t like. The only thing is if he runs out of money, he gets in trouble. He’s got the debt ceiling problem solved…he really does want a budget during his final year that increases social spending more than what he’s been able to do because of a very weak economy (caused by him!).

I’m not 100% sure that this will work either, but it’s getting closer. It IS nice to see congress actually functioning again after the Harry Reid takeover of the US Senate ended. I was beginning to wonder if that body was totally paralyzed forever, but thank God Reid’s departure as Majority Leader has meant that, even though things aren’t optimized yet, they are at least moving once again.

So, we will play the waiting game to see if the government gets shut down for Christmas. The only thing is, this time if it does close for the holiday, it won’t be the GOP’s fault. Obama will get the blame. Just like he will for everything that’s happened over the past seven years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Obama Getting Painted Into Corner?

  1. I know it doesn’t surprise you anything that comes out of the mouth of Pelosi, but I am sure she thinks Obama knows more about climate change than the rest of us as he does ISIS. It was last week I think when ask about dealing with ISIS, she said she was confident in the president after all he knows more about ISIS than any of us.

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