The San Bernardino Massacre

Barack Obama will watch the horrifying incident that occurred yesterday in San Bernardino, shake his head, and cry, “Enough is enough”! He’ll be talking about the need for more gun control.

It turns out that the guy that was involved was an American, who is of Middle Eastern descent, and recently returned from Saudi Arabia with a bride that he met online there. He was described as an Environmental Science worker for the county, and was at the holiday party that was being thrown at the facility where the shooting occurred. He left the party in an agitated state, returned with his girlfriend/bride, and the two of them began shooting up the place, killing 14 and wounding 17.

Now, police aren’t sure of a motive, and I’m not going to speculate on one here (remember…we give the truth here…nothing but the truth!). They also aren’t sure if there was a third suspect involved. They have interviewed at least one person believed to be involved, but they weren’t sure.

OK, so Obama, we know will go ballistic over this and call for tougher gun control laws. That is a given. It’s not what he SHOULD do, but it’s what he WILL do. And as even the most strident Obama supporter will admit, Bobo doesn’t always do what he should do. He often steps on his own member when trying to make what he thinks is a political decision. This is no different.

I can make a very strong argument that you need to look at the people that are traveling to the Middle East, and the people that they bring back with them. I will say right up front that not everybody from that part of the world is a terrorist, or will become involved in a situation like what happened yesterday, just like every person that attacks an abortion clinic is a Republican, or everybody that goes on a shooting rampage is a member of the NRA. That’s irresponsible liberalism talking when you make those accusations…and they are almost always proven to be false.

But, two things need to be said. First is that the young man that was responsible for this, and his girlfriend/bride, were mentally unstable. You don’t have to be a doctor, or play one on TV to come to that conclusion. Sane people don’t go to a holiday party and kill 14 people. So, I would certainly be in the realm of realism of calling for better mental health laws, rather than blather on about disobeying our second amendment for no sane reason.

The second thing that I could argue is that we obviously aren’t doing a very good job of screening those people that are coming into this country. Now, the Obama administration would like you to believe that the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees that come into this country are ok, and that they are going to go through a rigorous vetting process that takes 18 months to 2 years to complete. And of course, we all believe everything this administration says, right? Like there’s not a shred of evidence that the IRS did anything illegal…or that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and you’re going to save $2,500 per family on healthcare (how did you spend your extra money this year?).

So, if we can’t trust the government to screen even the girlfriend/bride of someone that is an American (the male was identified as an American with ties to Saudi Arabia), then how are we ever going to believe and trust the government is going to be able to screen hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees before they die of old age? The answer is you can’t.

Bobo can continuously cry about the need for tougher gun laws, but he’s missing the point. Let’s toughen up the laws on people with obvious mental health problems owning guns and get them the help they need, AND work on learning to screen immigrants better. THEN and only then will I be willing to talk about Syrian refugees….and I really don’t think I’m ready at any point to talk about dumping the second amendment. If we’re going to do that, we might as well call ourselves West Russia.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “The San Bernardino Massacre

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  2. I will comment on this later when more facts are available, like desert should have done. Male shooter is natural born and is of Pakistani decent. His job was to travel around the Berdoo county and check chemical levels in pools and cleanliness of eating establishments. Yes. he traveled to Saudi Arabia and brought back a bride, is married and has a child. He has many relatives here. As for other speculative nonsense and xenophobia, nativism, cruelty, I will defer until more is known.

    I imagine that banning assault weapons is never in the picture and do not give me your originalist Second Amendment rights crap otherwise you should be in the Middle East fighting. Can’t use half an amendment and can’t have it both ways.
    Then there are spineless politicians who rather than do the right thing, rather suck the dick of the NRA to be re-elected to their cushy job where they sent out “wishes and prayers.” Who really are the mentally ill to let this continue? Think about it.

    Go for and spread truth and beauty. Fuck the NRA.

    • OK…so it’s ok for Obama to come out and scream about Ferguson BEFORE any investigation took place (and Holder, and Sharpton), and it’s ok for Obama, and Clinton, and O’Malley to scream about this incident BEFORE any investigation takes place, and lo and behold…it’s found that the guy and his bride were jihadists! Whaddaya know about that? Ol’d Desert was right (by the way, Desert IS capitalized…you may be halfway decent at history, but your English sucks!)

    • Oops. After watching the latest of the investigation, it seems that I hit a home run on this one…and Snarky??? Back in the dugout after striking out. Sorry, Snarky!

  3. Sorry about the lower case d, not intentional just a case of thinking three sentences ahead and half assed proof reading. You may also note that I have fractured syntax at times. You can take the kid out of the Sowtside, but you cannot take the Sowtside out of the kid.

    My comment was based on what I believe was your column written very early today before much was known. Now you jump up and down saying you were correct, probably because of a Muslim name, was involved? I do not see anyone calling that mook from the Colorado thing last week a terrorist, although I believe FBI earlier today has labeled this as such. That the president, Hillary and O’Malley were speaking out regarding the availability of assault weapons, as was Bernie, is jumping the gun (no pun intended) because assault weapons were identified at the very beginning? Just a bit disingenuous, isn’t it?

    BTW, to the best of my knowledge the Republican contended and party heavies are still doing the wishes and prayers thing and stopping there. Caught Paul Ryan bs interview on CBS this morning as he still insists firearms have nothing to do with this as it is all a mental health issue, which I would like to point that Mr. Small Government guy is proposing adding to the HHS bureau by adding a mental health advocate, but speaks of nothing to fund this grand plan. If a bill can be specious, this is it. He is like the Godfather Congressman, “He makes you and offer that does not do anything but appears to do something.”

    Happy anniversary again!

    • Well…you’re forgiven on the syntax. I’ll also forgive your outdated, 1960’s style thought process…but that’s ok. And thanks again for the anniversary wishes!

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