Here I Am Loretta…

One day after the tragedy in San Bernardino, where two Muslim jihadists executed 14 county workers, and injured another 17, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, following in the racist Eric Holder’s footsteps, told a Muslim audience that she would prosecute anyone that spoke out against Islam.

Well, Loretta. Here I am. But you better be prepared to defend you liberal ass, because the constitution is on my side. I have the freedom of speech, and not even you can take it away from me. Neither can your clown of a boss.

I have stated earlier this week that I really question whether Islam is a real religion. It takes one simple fact into account. No other religion in the world proclaims, as Islam does that you should go and kill those that don’t believe as you do. No other religion in the world (I guess I should qualify that as MAJOR religion because there’s probably someone somewhere that believes some weird stuff!), goes along with the insane actions of these radical Islamists. And yes, Loretta, they ARE radical Islamists. As much as you and that guy you call president may want to disagree.

Obama and his ilk are too wound up trying to figure out how to make this a gun control issue. Actually it’s not. It’s a terrorist issue. And it’s an issue dealing with the failure of the Obama administration to subject people coming into this country from scrutiny. They want us to believe that they can properly vet 100,000 plus Syrian refugees, and they can’t even vet the wife of an American citizen who got radicalized. Can we trust this administration to do anything but spew rhetoric? Apparently not, because I haven’t seen anything to the contrary.

And for a sitting Attorney General to state publicly that she would prosecute someone that knocked a religion, I can only say that the pendulum swings both ways. Loretta, when are you going to prosecute those that are speaking against Christians? When are you going to be getting tough on people that want to tear down that religion and threaten violence against it? You’re quick to run to Muslims’ aid, but not so quick to do the same to the Judeo-Christian community.

So, bring it on, Loretta. Come and get me. And there are plenty like me. But you’d better have a better law degree than you’ve got hidden somewhere. You’d better be smarter than your recent comments would suggest. Because you are nothing more than a racist yourself if you believe that!

Carry on world…you are almost dismissed…

I have to add that the lovely folks at Century Link have screwed up my home interet service and aren’t able to get out to fix it until next Thursday, so I probably will be real sporadic in writing blogs for the next week or so. I’ll try, but cannot guarantee I’m going to get everything done…you’ve been warned!

NOW…carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “Here I Am Loretta…

  1. Loretta can go ahead and begin my prosecution Islam is not a religion of peace for all followers it is a spring board often for radicalization. Bring it Loretta speaking out against Islam is freedom of speech perhaps Loretta is uncomfortable with the truth? I would suggest before she starts said prosecutions, she revisit the law books because she seems to have chosen not to prosecute people who speak out against Christianity.

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  3. I addressed her comments today in my post on I plan on calling her tomorrow morning after I hear what her buddy Obama says to the nation tonight. They don’t have email capabilities for the Attorney General, only snail mail and phone. I find it disturbing for any government official to go out of their way to defend a religion known for murders all over the world and never condemn them for what they are doing. I find this incredulous!

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