Where Obama Went Wrong

Let’s make sure we understand one fact…Bobo Obama started off on the wrong foot. Never in the history of this country has an elected president started off his administration apologizing to the world for “sins of our fathers”, like Bobo did. What he did was unbelievable.

But he didn’t (and hasn’t) stopped there. He has made the wrong decision time after time. No one has been able to show that any of the administrations’ many mis-steps and scandals were valid in any way shape or form…because you can’t argue with the truth when results are present.

He had a total of 18 scandals in the first three years in office…some of which could be classified as “impeachable offenses”, but the GOP first of all, didn’t control congress during the first two years, and the senate only since last year. Even that being said and accomplished, there is no way in partisan Washington that the Democrats would turn on one of their own unless his name was Anthony Weiner. They just don’t have the courage to do the right thing.

Where Obama really veered off course was when he started in with foreign policy. He so badly wanted to get out of the Middle East, that he didn’t clearly think through the politics of what would happen if you create a vacuum. And that’s exactly what he and Hillary Clinton did. By pulling out of Iraq before they should have (as he was told by the Joint Chiefs), he allowed al Qaeda and ISIS to move in and take over. And they obliged.

Since that time, he’s wanted to be “the peaceful president”. All he’s done is advance violence in that part of the world. His not stopping Bashar al Assad in Syria, by drawing and re-drawing lines in the sand, has pretty much caused the deaths of over 100,000 more Syrians, who were forced to fight Assad without the help of the United States. He never learned that saying “Assad will leave” and “Assad must go” didn’t make it so. When you’ve become the laughing stock of the world stage, you also lose all credibility and all power. That’s exactly what he’s done.

He wanted to badly to turn illegal aliens into citizens without due process that he totally brought down the immigration system of this country. Now, even LEGAL immigrants are finding it hard to gain admission. And beyond that, he still today refuses to be at war with radical Islam. He can’t bring himself to say the words, even though he knows it’s true. Imagine FDR and Harry Truman not being able to say we were at war with Germany or Japan. That’s unthinkable!

Obama’s love for this Muslim faith has been well documented. I’m not convinced he himself is a Muslim, he professes to be Christian, but I don’t see any evidence of religion in his life at all. You never see him going to church, he doesn’t discuss his faith much (he’s learned after the Reverend Wright incidents!), and he isn’t exactly a theologian when it comes to inserting Islam into politics. In fact, he’s quite bad at it.

Obama couldy easily turn this around, but not in time to solve the Middle East’s problem before next November’s election. He needed to get started about six months ago. The answer was easy for most that actually understand reality (which pretty much disqualifies any liberal out there). You don’t fight people from the Middle East with rhetoric. That means nothing to them, and it shows you are weak. You fight them with force…just like George HW Bush did in the first Gulf War. You don’t play games. But Obama is more concerned with protecting a legacy that is so riddled with holes it wouldn’t pass for Swiss Cheese than he is about doing the right thing.

In the end, Obama will go down in history for having accomplished a total of four things: passing the worst healthcare legislation in US history (a massive failure by any standards); passing a trade deal with the Pacific Rim that includes so many faulty details, it’s going to be tough to ever get passed; a deal with Iran that allowed the Peacock Empire to obtain nuclear weapons, much to the chagrin of its’ neighbors; and oh, yeah…he was president when they killed Osama bin Laden. Not exactly stuff that statues are created for.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!