Terrorist “Recuitment Tool”?

There’s a new buzz word out there, and you hear Barack Obama using it all the time…”terrorist recruitment tool”. It’s basically used anytime he wants to give the impression that we can’t, we should, or we shouldn’t do something that he either wants, needs, or doesn’t want to do.

For instance, do you want to try and stop terrorists from getting into this country by not allowing the Syrian refugees in? That’s a recruitment tool used by terrorists. Do you want to keep Gitmo open? That’s a recruitment tool for terrorists. Do you want to put boots on the ground in Syria? That’s a recruitment tool for terrorists. Basically, anything that Bobo wants, needs, or doesn’t want to do, is a recruitment tool for terrorists if you disagree with him. And he’s got his little-boy-lapdog, Josh Earnest playing along as well.

So, even though I’ve said here, and truly believe that Donald Trump’s comments on not allowing Muslims to enter the country “until we get this thing sorted out”, is racist, and dead wrong. It’s a recruiting tool for terrorists. Because they hear that, and all of a sudden, they become radicalized. It’s along the same lines as “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, and “I’m drawing a red line in the sand”, and “the science is settled and the debate is over”. It’s all hogwash.

Look, the fact of the matter is, there is an underlying factor that Obama doesn’t figure into his equation when dealing with radical Islam. He fails to understand that they believe that they are at war with us, because their religion tells them that. He doesn’t want to understand the truth of the matter, and the weight of the situation, because it would throw his whole foreign policy belief that all he has to do is show the world the US is really caring, and they’ll back off and leave us alone. It’s an extremely childish view of the world, and one that has been proven wrong time and time again. Yet, his ego, or his upbringing, or something won’t let him understand the weight of the situation.

Is there an actual “recruitment tool” for terrorists? Probably, but it’s none of what Bobo is talking about. I seriously doubt that there is a terrorist somewhere that says because we have Gitmo open, they are going to join the Jihad. It’s become an Obama catch phrase. And it really doesn’t mean anything. It’s as empty as anything else this guy has said over the past seven years. He’s a loser when it comes to leadership and he’s proven that time and time again. No one can argue that one because when it comes to his leadership ability…the science IS settled. The debate IS over, and this guy has become the laughing stock of the world. End of story…end of debate…end of argument.

Aren’t you glad they fixed my internet connection???

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Desert, allow me to be the first to welcome you back and hopefully you have Cox as an internet provider and not those other slugs that advertise on TV. I have to admit I have missed your blog, if only for a few days as I was starting to go into ill informed, tunnel vision, stupid white guy withdrawal. But enough of the pleasantries.

    I get you hate Obama and in your eyes and the eyes of your vast readership, which I am responsible for, he will never do anything correctly. But his use of the terrorist recruitment tool verbiage is correct as the Republicans seem to be an unending vessel of ideas and language that the tech savvy ISIL, ISIS, etc. can post for propaganda purposes. As usual, the Republicans are self righteously pissed that the president will not use the term Radical Islamist Extremist or any variation of that. I was watching Fox News recently (yes, I watch Fox news, usually with a bowl of popcorn) and I forgot whose program it was, but anyway the moderator had three Republican strategists on for a panel discussion. Two of them were frothing at the mouth with heads spinning saying that unless the president calls ISIS for what they are, radical Islamist extremists or some shit like that, how can we fight them? The third said, who cares what we call them as we know who they are, ISIS, that’s their name and you two are stupid to waste time arguing over this point (in substance). I thought, Holy Sheep Shit, there is actually a Republican who gets this? Looks like I picked a bad day to give up illegal controlled substances.

    Stupid ideas on immigration, Gitmo (some people have been there over fourteen years with no charges), boots on the ground in Syria or any other place in that flaming shithole, the Middle East (a really bad idea). You want to close Gitmo like I do, I have just the place, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just outside Marquette. There is a prison there that is not being utilized and if you have ever been to the UP (eh), if one of these mooks does escape, no matter what the weather, they will stand out as it is sparsly populated with white people with a lot of guns. I believe that if winter does not get them (winter is generally from October to May), summer and the mosquitos the size of a Hummer will. Anyway, any of these are recruitment tools in the hands of a talented propagandist and social media expert, which apparently ISIS has working for them. Meet the new war of the 21st Century, information on social media. BTW, we are not at war with Islam, the Fruerher Monkey said that, so it must be true. We are at war with thugs that use religion as a cover, sort of like that Christian clown in Colorado. You are not a warrior for babies, you are an extremist Christian mass murderer.

    The bombing campaign which Obama started was not as effective as he wanted because our allies were pussies. The UK, it took the attacks in Paris for them to join the party as they said no about two years ago. Same goes for the French. The Russkies, I have two schools of thought on this, first, Putin is felling his oats after his land grabs in his neck of the woods and two, ISIS scares the hell out of him because of what the Chechen rebels have done previously and this is a nastier bunch. He is also finding out that he is slowly getting sucked into an area that he should of stayed out of because even he is thinking about a political solution (like that will work).

    Is Obama a loser like you say? History will judge that long after we are gone, but remember, we have suffered more deaths from mass shootings, mostly by white men who couldn’t get laid, than by Islam terrorists since Obama been in office. Did you ever think we are looking at the wrong problem domestically? White people with guns scare me more than anybody from the Middle East.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty. Also watch the Bozo show Tuesday night with special guest stars, all the Republican candidates for president. Should be great as they try to be a bigger bigot than the others and provide tax plans that fuck the middle class and give humongous tax breaks to all their wealthy friends and corporations while expanding unfunded wars. Personally I cannot wait to watch.

    • Well…I’m glad I’m back to try and set you straight again…I can see i was missed. OK…here goes. First of all, “recruitment tool” as used by this administration is no more than a talking point. Dems are very good at spreading this around, and it shows up on all of the left-wing news channels. The only “recruitment tool” that ISIS uses (believe it or not) is the Koran. And of course, some weirded out logic to go along with it. Onto another thing. Is Obama a loser? Sure. Everything he’s done has lost. Obamacare is collapsing on itself. TPP won’t be able to pass congress while he’s in office, he got no solution to immigration, he’s been slapped down 16 times by a 9-0 vote on the Supreme Court for over-stepping his boundries (of which 2 of the justices were appointed by him), and we are going to find out how much of a loser he is with the Iran nuclear deal (remember…we were supposed to walk away from a bad deal, right? When did it turn into “If we didn’t do this deal, it would have been war”? Nobody said that…that was just justification!
      As far as more white mass-killings than terrorists you could be true, and that by the way is 8th on the world standings list behind seven other European countries (read that as liberal). God only knows how many more black-on-black deaths there are in your home city of Chicago alone! My bet is, there are more blacks killed by being shot by other blacks than all of the “mass murders” combined in this country! And that’s just in the Windy City. The wind must be coming from all of the blowback from those guns…speaking of which, I thought it was illegal to own a gun in Chicago…how is any of that happening anyway?
      I’m not against Bobo bombing ISIS…the problem is he is piss poor at it. He’s trying to run all of the military stuff (and as commander-in-chief he can), but he has no experience, and is terrible at it…another LBJ and another Vietnam. If you’re going to do this, you have to do it right, not hope and pray that you can get other nations to have their soldiers killed. Time for Bobo to grow a pair and man up. But that’s asking for too much, I know. Get the popcorn ready on Tuesday night. You may learn something!

  3. Very good.   The word internet is always with a cal “I”.

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