What Kills Hillary

Let’s be clear about one thing. Hillary Clinton could have won the presidency (and I really don’t think she can any more), IF she had told the truth about her time as Secretary of State, her email server, her unwillingness to make sure that she was blameless on those emails and a slew of other things. But she herself has screwed the pooch, far beyond the pale. The reason? She’s proven to the country, even her own party admits it, that she’s a born liar, and you can’t trust her.

When a presidential candidate is in the 20’s in trustworthiness ratings, there’s something wrong. Even her own party ranks her low when it comes to being honest and trustworthy. And let’s face it, isn’t honesty the cornerstone of ANY relationship, anytime? Could you stay with a spouse that was untrustworthy and dishonest? Could you work for a boss that consistently lied to you and stabbed you in the back? Would your best friend be your best friend for long if every time he or she opened their mouth, they lied, even when you called them on it, and caught them in a lie?

So, what is Hillary Clinton going to do? She is still trying to convince the world that she told the grieving families after Benghazi that it wasn’t a video, but a terrorist threat. She said so much on a recent interview on George Stephanopoulos’ show this past Sunday. She has herself convinced that she told them the truth…even though all of the families that were questioned about it afterwards, Republicans and Democrats alike, say she lied to them. According to the New York Post, she told Tyrone Wood’s father, as she hugged him, that “we are going to arrest the film maker that made that awful film”. Wrong. Dead wrong. As we now know from her emails, that was a lie. She told Chelsea Clinton the night of September 11th that it was a terrorist attack. So why lie? Because she doesn’t know the difference.

That’s what Hillary Clinton has always done. She’s just a dishonest person. She says whatever she needs to in order to get her way. And she’s still at it again. Is there a way out of this mess for her? I doubt it. She’s gotten in so damn deep and she’s repeated the lies so many times, that she probably is starting to believe it herself…even though the rest of the world doesn’t believe her.

So, why do I say she can’t win the presidency? Well, she’s trying to court young millennial voters. The only problem is, when they were polled recently, they overwhelmingly said that they viewed trustworthiness and honesty far above experience when it came to picking a president. The only thing in Hillary’s favor? Donald Trump has almost as bad of a trustworthiness rating as she does. But if it comes right down to Hillary versus anybody but Trump, she loses big time. Because she’s untrustworthy. Because she’s a liar. Because no one would put stock in anything she said.

And that’s why you may be hearing “Hail To The Chief” played instead of “Money Money” when it comes to Donald Trump’s theme song.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. She was in St. Louis Friday evening the 11th. You should have heard the promises, the causes she will fight for. Pick an issue, she is fighting for us. It was the biggest crock of BS you ever heard. She spoke to supporters of the local Steel Workers Union. All I can say is she was energetically spreading her crap.

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