And If Trump IS The Nominee?

OK, so if Donald Trump makes his way through the gauntlet that is known as the primaries, and gets to the convention…then weaves his way around the land mines set up by the GOP leadership and actually gets nominated, what happens then?

What happens is Hillary Clinton steps in a big pile of dog doo-doo.
The reason is because, Trump pulls in 36% of blue-collar men. Make that YOUNG blue-collar men. Yes, these are the Harry Beal types, who open the window and shout they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. But it IS a rage going on in the country after 7 years of a president who can’t lead. People are looking for a leader, and that happens to be the one thing Trump knows how to do.

So, why should Hillary be afraid? Because she WILL lose. I’m more convinced than ever that Trump can actually win this thing. After making a comment on Muslims that Trump made this week, and getting lambasted in the press, we learn that he actually went UP in the polls. That’s telling because had he been any other candidate in history, he’d be conceding and “suspending” his candidacy right about now. Instead, he’s gloating.

And why is that something that Hillary should be afraid about? Because the country is on to her lying. And while she may end up with 35-40 percent of the vote next November from the numb-mind Democrats who would have voted for George Pierre Hennard (go ahead and look him up), she can’t get by Trump. He’ll be outrageous, he’ll call her out on her lying. He’ll call her out on Benghazi. He’ll probably have her in tears before the damn thing is over.

Now, notice I haven’t said that he’s the best candidate, or the best person to be president. That’s something I’ve not reached a conclusion on. But as far as physically GETTING to the White House, yeah…he’ll make mince-meat of Hillary. And that’s why she should be damn worried about him.

If you could put Trump’s character into Marco Rubio, I think we’d have a decent GOP candidate. Trump’s leadership experience and moxie into a guy with the knowledge of Washington and how it works, and someone with more conservative values without going postal on us…I could see that.

But for the moment, Trump is the leader. It doesn’t help anyone to call him “not a serious candidate” as Jeb Bush is doing because frankly, he’s leading the field. That’s a moniker I’d be ladling on Bush at this point (with 3-5% of the vote). No…Donald Trump, IF he makes it through the gauntlet and the land mines, should be the nominee. I’m just not sure what type of president he’ll make!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. What is necessary is to have Trump educated on his speaking. While he is not a politician, the speaking off the cuff has many twisting his words and meanings. Trump needs maybe a day or two, simply watching styles of news conferencing, to get a handle on appropriate speech and not divulging too much beyond his basic message. Hopefully he becomes president and will then have advisors and spokespersons representing him in an official capacity. Nobody could be worse than Obama. Only person that benefitted from Obama’s presidency is Jimmy Carter. Now, Carter looks like his old self again when he was Captain James E. Carter, USN, a nuclear submarine driver.

  3. Trump is a terrible nominee, basically a cross between PT Barnum on meth and Triumph the Insult Dog. Hillary demolishes this clown in an election as he has no policy plans, other than insult people. Trouble is that the Republican hierarchy changed the rules on primaries and this Bozo could actually win the nomination. But let’s say that Reince of Cheesehead finds a way to eliminate Hairshirt of Orange, who is left and what to they bring to the table.

    Ted Cruz, looks like Grandpa on the Munsters and is revising as any thing Canadian is never mentioned now, only that when his father came here from Cuba, a blatant lie. Then there is dad and his uber Christian message of right wing evangelical bullshit, promising something that cannot be proved to exist. Little Teddy, the anti-elitist who graduated from Princeton and Harvard, accomplishments are shutting down the government costing the economy over $70 billion and…., I don’t think there are any others. Tax plan, as stupid as he is. Good presidential material for Nigeria.

    Marco Rubio, the half of the Cuban tag team match. Aside from being a sniveling ambitious little shit who has stabbed more people in the back than Caesar Borgia, he seems to have trouble managing money, was for the immigration plan he wrote before he was against it, mostly because the frothing mouth teabaggers were against it and the being identified with it would ruin his chances for never being president. Speaking of immigration, check out how he feels about current immigration for Cubans versus any other Hispanics. Yup boys and girls, a racist Hispanic who doesn’t like other Hispanics. I understand he replaced his lawn jockey with a Mexican holding a leaf blower. Aside from being a slick son of a bitch, his tax plan is either ridiculous or from fantasy land, maybe both.

    Ben Carson, the Ambien candidate. How he was ever taken seriously is beyond my comprehension. Foreign or domestic issues, he is lost in a haze. Foreign policy on Syrian immigrants, turn Jordan into public housing with no job prospects in a small country that does not have jobs for its own people. Domestic policy, no fucking clue other than repeal ACA and replace it with what Ben………….. I’m waiting. This guy was a brain surgeon? Must have went to one of those slower track schools than Scalia talked about.

    El Jebe! This guy looks and sounds like the person who was told by his mom to go out and play with the other boys even though they hate him and he would rather be somewhere else. This is the smart Bush.

    Chris Crisco, er, Christie. Obnoxious New Jersey governor who wants to be the obnoxious President of the United States. Endorsed by a New Hampshire newspaper that accuses the John Birch Society of being communists. His plans for the country? Good question with no apparent answer other than he is the Republican hatchet man for the Republican party to get rid of Trump. That’s it folks, send him to the little kids table.

    John Kasich, supposedly the adult in the room. Seemingly a nice guy but basically a reactionary. Tax plan, be wealthy or you will be paying for everything. Typical Republican asshole dressed up to look reasonable. Be afraid of this clown, be very afraid.

    Carly Fiorina, Hewlett Packard and Compaq Computer, 50,000 jobs lost and she wants to be in charge of the economy and bring her business skills. Enough said.

    Everybody else, who really cares.

    Republican chances of capturing the White House, only if instead of an election, we play capture the flag. Chances of holding the Senate, they could seriously lose this. Mitch McConnell, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Republican chances of losing the House, if it wasn’t for gerrymandering (and there are some important cases before the Supreme Court on this), they would be “spending more time with their families.”

    Facts are not biased and they are always liberal. Stephen Colbert

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty.

    • Sorry…just getting caught up…ok. So, I would agree Trump isn’t the world’s best candidate, but c’mon Snark. Even YOU have to admit that he’s better than a pathological liar! He may not have laid out policy plans, but it’s better than someone who lays out the plans (Egypt and Libya), and then refuses to own up to the fact they did it! Hillary is a loser. She’s always been a loser. The only time she’s won is when she went to the most liberal state in the union and her goons got Rudy Giuliani to back down by showing him with his pants down. Typical Clinton play. As for the rest of this meaningless rant, you fall into the typical liberal trap of being mean-spirited. Please work on that!

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