Has The GOP Lost It?

So the big news coming out of the GOP this past week (besides Donald Trump slamming Muslims) was that the party is getting ready for the first “brokered convention” since FDR was elected back in the 1930’s. Now, we have to take a few minutes to get educated. What in hell is a “brokered convention”?

Well, it works like this. The party bosses, who don’t want Donald Trump to win nomination, tell everyone that’s running to stay in the race. That way Trump wins the plurality of delegates to the convention, but he doesn’t have the majority. Then the Rubio’s and Carson’s, and Cruz’s of the world pool their delegates together and decide the nominee should be say, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will be his vice presidential running mate. And they throw all of their delegates against Trumps, so Trump is defeated. It’s not a smart way to do it, though it’s been done in the past. In fact, going back to before Nixon’s 1972 re-election, it was the way things were done. Oh, there were primaries (New Hampshire has been holding their since 1952), but most of the delegates were assigned by the party.

So, the GOP is now thinking of throwing caution to the wind, and letting the delegates in the ubiquitous “smoke filled rooms” declare the winner of the presidential nomination. And it seems that the GOP is taking an ABT approach (that would stand for Anybody But Trump).

That approach is flat out wrong, and all but hands the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Brokered conventions don’t usually work that well in getting to the White House because you’re not getting the will of the people involved. And you know what? If the will of the people want Donald Trump, then Donald Trump should be elected. It’s just that simple. No, he may not be the ideal Republican candidate, but the will of the voters speaks louder than any smoke-filled room in a brokered convention.

And besides…do you REALLY want Trump to bolt and say he’s going to peel off 20% of the vote and run as an independent? That may have been ok when it was John Anderson or even Ross Perot, but Trump is actually LEADING the GOP race. Why in God’s name would you not accept the will of the people?

I haven’t gone for Trump yet. In fact, I haven’t gone for anyone yet. It’s too early. I’ve got four months before we vote in the desert. But I know this much. I back the people’s will to choose. Even when the people are wrong and their choice, like the idiot that’s in the White House now is elected. And I’ll feel the same way in 2016. Let the people decide this thing, however it turns out and may the best MAN win!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!