Paul Running Out Of Time, Money

Rand Paul is a smart guy. I really think he’s a lot smarter than Ron Paul was when it comes to politics. And I like some of Rand’s thinking. But in the end analysis, he has as much chance of becoming president of the United States as Bernie Sanders does. That would be zero.

Rand Paul is running out of money. Rand Paul is running out of time. And now, Rand Paul is only on the “big boy stage” at the debate tomorrow night because CNN is letting him in. He’s imploding and will be the next candidate to “suspend” his campaign. I find that to be amazing knowing that there are a few other campaigns out there that have zero chance to advance themselves to the actual primary stage, yet they manage somehow to hang on. I mean, Lindsay Graham, who also has some good ideas, George Pataki, who doesn’t, and Jim Gilmore, whom I believe is still alive and breathing are all in the race, and all dancing on the “also-ran stage” at debates time after time. Yet they continue to hold out hope that they can either move up in the polls like Carly Fiorina did, or they’re very bored at home and don’t want to get to that honey-do list their wives have waiting for them. All except for Graham…he actually HAS a job to go back to, and I wonder if the good people of South Carolina think he’s doing a good job by running around the country instead of representing them in the senate.

Look, the race for the presidency is an arduous task at best. It’s a long marathon with various sprints thrown in to keep you honest. For most of the people in the GOP field, it’s a feeble wish. They have no chance at it. I mean, look at how some of these guys have been shining stars one minute and super-nova’s the next. Jeb Bush has all but collapsed and died and the only thing keeping him in the running is the fact he raised a billion dollars before he died. Carly Fiorina is fun to watch, but is anyone really taking her seriously anymore? And are the good people of Ohio really happy that John Kasich is still out there running? I mean, who is running the state these days? It’s time to whittle the field down, as I’ve said for a solid month now. We’ve had what, four or five GOP debates, and we have their ideas pretty much down. We understand where they stand on the issues, and if you don’t have a lot of support by now, you probably aren’t going to get it.

So, after tomorrow’s debate, let’s see if we can get this whittled down to maybe six candidates. I mean, Bush isn’t going to win, but he’s got the money, so he’ll stay in. Trump will stay in until he gets bored. Cruz, Rubio, and Carson are all legitimate candidates at this point. And I think Chris Christie should probably stay in just because he has a slight chance in Iowa, and he’s surging in New Hampshire. Other than that, Huckabee, Santorum, and the rest should go home. Sorry guys, the noise you hear is the fat lady singing. It’s time to go!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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