Chicago’s Woes

What happens when a Democrat in arguably the most Democrat city in America runs a foul with his constituency? Do they cut him a break? Do they tell him that they are angry with him?

Nope. In true Democrat fashion, they rebel. They protest. They go out of their way to call for his resignation and to try and force him from office. And so it is in the Windy City. Rahm Emmanuel is in deep trouble and doesn’t know how to get out of it. He’s got protests going on daily all demanding that he step down from the Mayor’s position. He’s got gun violence in a town that doesn’t allow guns (or at the very least makes it tougher to get them than anywhere in the country). He’s run up debt, he’s not popular, and couldn’t win the title of dog catcher at the county fair.

And Rahm doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. That’s because there is no liberal fix in this liberal city. You are watching exactly what happens when liberals run government. Debts sky-rocket and liberal policies abound, and then people start turning on each other. It happens in every single incident that liberals control a town, a state, or a country. That’s because liberal policies do not work, never have worked, and never will work. And for two simple reasons…they will eventually run out of money to fund all their wacko projects, and they have too many wacko projects. Government isn’t designed to do what liberals want it to do.

What we are seeing is the typical implosion of a liberal run city. It happened in Detroit (no…you can’t blame it on George W. Bush or the Republicans…Detroit has been 100% Democrat for decades), and it’s happening now in Chicago. Guns are a major issue in that city. Yet, they have the strongest gun control laws in the nation. Guns shouldn’t even BE in Chicago…yet gang violence, drive-by murders, and shootings are a daily occurrence. How can this happen if all we need are stronger gun laws? The truth is, the liberals miss one valid point and they have no argument for it. Criminals don’t follow the law, and will get guns illegally. All you’re doing is punishing the law-abiding citizen from their second amendment rights. If gun control worked, Chicago wouldn’t be having these problems. The science is settled, the debate is over.

Liberalism is the cause of the cancer that has become Chicago. From schools that can’t teach kids to read or write; to an over-bloated budget that tries to be cradle-to-grave nanny for its citizens, Chicago has worked hard at being the shining beacon of liberalism. And it’s failed big time. It can’t sustain itself, and it’s bringing the state of Illinois down with it. And that is why, when asked about why liberalism isn’t what we need in this country, you can point to two Midwestern cities as shining examples of what happens. You look at the Detroit situation and you look at Chicago. Two cities with promise and hope a century ago, that now are in the depths of depression and despair because liberals got their hands on them and tried to institute programs government shouldn’t be involved in. That’s the real reason for Rahm Emmanuel’s problems. The bigger problem for him? That protest crowd is getting bigger every day!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Desert, you know why I like reading the thoughts of conservatives? It is because they like to portray themselves as Very Serious People on the issues of the day, but when you finish the article it is apparent that they have no idea what they are talking about. Case in point is this one on Chicago. Now I could write an article on why the judicial system is Ohio is one of the most fucked in the country because the State is run by a bunch of bat shit crazy conservatives, especially the Attorney General who refuses to admit he or she is wrong because they lost a criminal case before the U.S. Supreme Court twice. They are refusing to carry out the Court’s decision because of their hissy fit on losing or that the controlling jurisdiction is Court of Common Pleas is located in Cincinnazi. But I won’t because I know very little of Ohio other than they gave us as president Warren G. Harding who campaigned solely from his front porch and was nominated because “he looked like a president.” Turned out he was one of the worse presidents ever and had an appalling corrupt administration, i.e., “The Ohio Gang.” Does the name Teapot Dome strike a familiar note, maybe Harry Dougherty or that house on K Street? Word is that just prior to his timely death from bad oysters, when he learned the extent of the corruption in his administration, it is reported that he said “It isn’t my enemies that give me trouble, it is my god dammed friends.” He also wrote some great love letters to his mistress recently released, presidential porn, who would have thunk it. But I digress.

    Desert, since I was born, raised and lived in Chicago for my first fifty seven years and you are not, it shows. One other thing, Democrats refer to the people, the party and the city are Democratic. I find it insulting that everything is referred to as Democrat as this was started as a insult by a blow hole talk show charlatan who is a drug addict, went to the Dominican Republic to fuck young boys, was stopped by U.S. Customs returning from said destination with a suitcase full of condoms and Viagra. He also had his maid score his drugs. This is your role model?

    Anyway, a lot of the fiscal problems go back to the early 1970’s, when you were in junior high trying to bang a cheerleader. At the time, due to the way legislative seats were divided up, Downstate Illinois (anywhere outside of Cook County)held a slim majority in the House. At the time it looked like the Equal Rights Amendment would pass in Illinois possibly making it the 36th State to ratify thereby making it part of the U.S. Constitution. The hicks were apoplectic over possibility and the Republican Speaker of the House, George Ryan, a future governor, convicted felon and a sleaze ball in his own right, cut a deal with the Democrats. If the Democrats would accept defeat on ERA, the Republicans would agree to annual cost of living increases in public pensions tied to the inflation rate, fully fund them and the pensions would be the first payout on the State budget. Actually not a bad deal with basically benign inflation until the late 70’s early 80’s inflation fiasco. The you have the housing crash and budgets on all levels are pretty well fucked, but you still have this deal on pensions.

    Now flash forward to the present and you have a Republican governor who bought the job with a little help from about ten of his closest millionaire/billionaire friends. Good old Bruce Rautner is refusing to agree to a budget unless he can do Scott Walker type shit. The Democratic majority wants to negotiate and the Gov is saying no. Consequently, Illinois has no budget which affects just about everything………except those pesky pensions that the Gov really wants to get rid of, like unions, public employees, etc. So everybody suffers except the pensioners. Conservatism in action.

    As for the guns, Chicago did have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but alas, as I always say, conservatives research is as deep as a child’s wading pool. The laws were struck down in 2011 in the case McDonald v. Chicago in which all the conservatives on the Supreme Court said everybody in Chicago was entitled to own guns. It was argued right after the Heller case in Washington, D.C. The gun violence in Chicago is for the most part localized on the South Side populated by extremely violent street gangs and it is over drug traffic. Heroin is back in a big way and is cheap, hence the battle for supremacy, like large corporations except they use high powered lawyers. So don’t blame liberals for the gun violence, blame conservatives and myopic Second Amendment rights. On that topic, why does the NRA and foaming mouth gun nuts always ignore the first half of the Second Amendment, you know, the part about the well regulated militia? Why aren’t they in Syria or Iraq fighting ISIS with their guns as that really is the originalist intent of the Second Amendment? I never get an answer on that, why is that?

    What is this cradle to grave nanny bullshit you are running by having to do with Chicago? I have no idea what you are talking about. The wacko projects in the budget, does that mean like paved streets, upgrade sewer systems, upgraded water mains and filtration? Guess that is conservatives views of wasteful spending.

    Facts are not biased and are always liberal. The truth hurts and it’s always funny.

    Go forth and spread truth and beauty.

    • Whoa big dog! You want to dis Ohio for not following the Supreme Courts dictate, and you don’t even know who in hell the AG is? Subtract 10 points for loss of credibility. Do your homework before you launch into rant mode! And actually, yes, Warren Harding WAS one of the worst presidents in US history…along with Millard Fillmore, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama, so we agree on that one. (see my President’s Day blog 2015 for the complete list). I’m also very well aware of Teapot Dome as I did a theme paper on it in the 8th grade, and probably knew more about it back then, then you do now.
      I had to laugh on your “Everything Democrat” remark. Get used to it. It’s how they are referred to around these parts.
      OH! So you found a way to blame Republicans for Chicago’s problems? What are there…two GOP members in that city? Nice try. Again, subtract 10 points for loss of credibility. Overall, not your best retort.

      • So, let me get this straight, I lose credibility over due process because I don’t know the name of the AG? This is the substance of your argument? How many AGs has Ohio gone through since 1995 and you want me to name them all? I’m surprised that you didn’t want me name the attorneys for either side. By the way, that’s a true story and Alan Freedman for the defense.

        As for worst presidents, I would not put Jimmy Carter in that category as he did a pretty good job under the circumstances. I know the right wing loves howling over that Iran thing but when you think about, it was vanguard of what we are dealing with today. He did make that Egypt-Israeli deal that still holds to this day through various Egyptian governments, including the Muslim Brotherhood. What do the Republicans have for foreign policy successes in the Middle East? Oh yeah, they don’t have shit, but they did fuck it up big time. Congratulations, you must be very proud.

        Yes, I did blame the Republicans for Illinois problems because you were caught unaware on the ERA/pension thing which bedevils Illinois today and no response on the wacko project thing. Pray tell, since you are an expert on wacko Illinois projects, what projects were you talking about? If the preponderance of the violence in Chicago is the result of guns, they maybe they are part of the equation. Have you read the Heller and McDonald decisions? I have and since you are big on the Second Amendment, maybe you should read them. Also no retort on my pointing out the first half of the Second Amendment? Cat got your tongue and argument? You cannot have it both ways if you are on originalist.

      • The mere fact you think Jimmy Carter did a good job “under the circumstances” (which he created) exemplifies the problem with your argument. As far as the second amendment goes, you accept it or you don’t accept it…not the second amendment…the Bill of Rights. The problem is you think the Constitution is written on toilet paper. REAL patriots believe it’s sacred. I know, that’s something you know nothing about.

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