More Problems For Eco-Terrorists

The eco-terrorists “Paris Accord” isn’t even a week old, and already it’s got problems. The coal and fossil fuel industries around the world are shrugging their shoulders at the deal reached by 200 nations and hailed as “the last, best effort to save the planet”. While the nations’ leaders are excited that they actually got something done in Paris besides see a few strip clubs and drink a few cases of champagne, they apparently didn’t do enough to upset the coal and fossil fuel industry.

The US oil council basically said they have other things to worry about, like the price of a barrel of oil being so low. They really aren’t concerned about the Paris accord because it a) doesn’t have any targets set by country, and b) doesn’t have any punishments for the countries if they fail to hit the non-existent targets.

The same was echoed across the pond in London, where their national coal council said it wouldn’t affect the way they do business at all.

And at home, on Fox News Sunday, John Kerry tried to pass off this marvelous accord, but stumbled (as usual), saying that the reason it doesn’t contain any target reductions of carbon emissions, and any penalties for failing to meet those reductions is because he knew (as did Obama) that the US congress wasn’t going to pass anything that contained anything substantial. Well, I guess John Kerry has been right on one thing in his term as Secretary of State!

So, as the world leaders try to convince scientists, their constituents, and the world at large (read that as the UN) that they actually accomplished something other than add to the world’s carbon footprint during their little meeting in Paris, the people it would most effect are saying it doesn’t do a damn thing, which is what I’ve said all along. It was a massive waste of money, resources, and time just to call attention to a problem that exists only because nature is on a cycle, and we happen to be changing right now (though it’s still under debate as to whether or not the world is warming or cooling).

The problem with all of this is that the science community is starting to recant earlier testimony and is becoming “deniers” because they are spouting the truth. That’s something the governmental leaders can’t have…not if they really want to continue on with the “climate change” farce. The problem is, when you fudge the numbers, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has done; if you fudge the numbers like Venezuela has done, and if you fudge the numbers like Europe has done, in order to achieve the desired results you want, you don’t have science. You end up with science fiction. And that is exactly what these liberal wannabe scientists have created.
I’m not saying that we should go and pollute the world. I don’t believe that at all. Let’s face it, we are shepherds on this planet, and yes, we need to take care of it. I just don’t happen to believe that by throwing the fear of God into low-information people you’re doing any good, especially when all you’re trying to do is increase governmental power over people’s rights to be free. And that’s exactly what’s happening!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!