Illegals Itching To Vote

Illegal aliens are hell bent on having a say as to who is our next president. That became apparent when Mexican activists, upset that the whole Obama immigration thing is blowing up in their faces, came out with a plan that could very well disrupt the presidential elections next year…and play right into Hillary Clinton’s hands.

The immigration activists, who are upset that the people that broke into our country illegally aren’t gaining legal status (would that happen anywhere else in the world???), are threatening to sign up illegals for citizenship, then sign them up to vote, and to vote for Hillary. That would be about the only way I can see her winning an election next November. It’s another example of a Clinton using lies and distortion to get what they want, regardless what they have to do to get it. And the libs are accusing George W. Bush of stealing a national election? Really? I didn’t think he was smart enough to tie his own shoes! You either are a genius for figuring out how to steal a national election, and then get re-elected (did he do it in 2004 as well?), or you’re a complete idiot and the “stolen election” never really happened.

But just for the record, I don’t put it past Hillary to try something stupid like that. Not at all. You can guarantee with your life savings that she will try anything and everything in the book to pull together all of the illegals, all of the dead people, all of the lawyers to say that people have been dis-enfranchised and have been denied the chance to vote. Note the date…December 15th, 2015, a whopping 11 months ahead of the election. Because when she pulls the stunt, I’m going to refer you back to this date and this blog!

Here is the exact problem I’m having with illegals. They already think they’re citizens. They’re already demanding rights they aren’t entitled to. It’s like the “airline passengers’ bill of rights” or the “traffic offenders’ bill of rights”. Liberals love to make up this “bill of rights” thing, like it’s an actual right. Folks, it is no right of anybody not born here to gain citizenship to this country. It’s a gift of the United States of America to those who are worthy. Period. It’s not in the constitution anywhere that you have a right to healthcare, or a right to welfare, hell, you don’t even have a right to your own house (though the founding fathers were rather big on life, liberty and PROPERTY as well as the pursuit of happiness!). Illegals do not have any rights. They are here illegally. Let me demonstrate something briefly to prove my point.

I’m looking for a volunteer that is willing to go to Nogales, Arizona. Maybe you live there already. What I want you to do is break into Mexico. That’s right. I want you to cross the border illegally and live in Mexico. And you let me know when you get arrested if you can. I doubt you’ll be able to, but try. You’ll be serving years in a Mexican jail. See, they don’t tolerate that type of thing. And they get all upset when we want to try to have the same immigration law they have. Fact of the matter is these people that come to this country without documentation, without proper papers, SHOULD be put in jail. We’ve got miles of desert along the border…and we could build a huge fence and just do what Joe Arpaio does with his prisoners…you put them in desert camps and keep them outside. Is it humane? Well, let me ask this. Is it humane what they’re doing to our country? Is it humane to sneak into a country with millions of your fellow illegals? Nope. Until we start treating them as the criminals they are, we are not going to solve this problem. And to the liberals out there who want to tell me what the Statue of Liberty says, save your breath. That’s for people that come here the right way. This is the wrong way. They get no slack.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Several years ago, my youngest son was still college age. He went to Cancun on Spring Break. I told him, if you and your buds get into any kind of trouble and you land in jail, it won’t be for the night. I let him know, I may never get him out. I was relieved when he made it back home. He has never been in trouble, but at that time, he was a little college wild, just out having fun.

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