Want To Calm Our Fears?

So the president went to the Pentagon on Monday of this week to allay our fears over terrorism. Now, there are a few problems with this whole scenario. First of all, he addressed the nation from the Oval Office on December 6th, and the general feel from the country was he wasted 15 minutes of our lives we’ll never get back. He said nothing new, he wasn’t bold and decisive, he was himself, which is to say he was weak and wimpy.

Well, when that didn’t work, he got his National Security Team (headed up by the Talking Point Wonder herself, Susan Rice) together to work overtime to fix the problem. And they came up with… wait for it…wait for it… basically the same talk at a different venue. He went to the Pentagon to allay our fears. And basically got the same reactions, for the same reasons.

Someone needs to let Bobo know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That’s exactly what happened here. There was no new strategy. There was no admission that the current strategy isn’t working. There wasn’t any taking responsibility for solving this mess ourselves; instead, Bobo wants others to do the dying for us. And while, I’m in agreement with him that would be nice, you don’t see a whole lot of countries rushing to send in a hundred thousand troops. So, that’s not going to happen. What’s plan B?

The problem is, he doesn’t have a plan B. He doesn’t really have a plan A. And if he does, he hasn’t shared it with anyone. He’s kind of like Donald Trump in that regard. Obama says he is going to disrupt and dismantle ISIS, but doesn’t say how. Trump says he’s going to go in and defeat ISIS quickly, but he doesn’t say how. I don’t think either one of them particularly know how. And Hillary isn’t even at the big boy stage on this one. She helped cause the problem, and has no solutions on how to solve it, so she’s doing like she is doing with her email scandal…she’s just sitting back and cackling.

There is a solution to this problem. Oh, Obama won’t want to hear about it. It takes about 3-6 months to prepare for it, and then it’s over quickly. And while there will be some casualties, I seriously doubt there would be any more than the “stick the toe in the water” approach this commander-in-chief likes to apply to the situation. Only when you show force in war do you win. And you don’t declare victory as George W. Bush did on that aircraft carrier, and as Obama did when he pulled out Iraq prematurely. You declare victory when your enemy is vanquished. In this case, when you’re not dealing with a country, but with terrorists, that occurs when you kill them. You don’t negotiate, you don’t pull out early, and you finish the job. And you go in with overwhelming force. That is how the United States fights a war, and that is why the United States isn’t winning this one. Obama is doing one thing. He’s constructing a great scenario for another Vietnam. I’m just sayin’

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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