What A Night For A Debate!!!

Let’s face one thing…the mere fact the GOP has 2007 more debates scheduled than the six the Dems are launching because Hillary doesn’t like having to comb her hair for the camera is getting a little much. We understand where these guys fall as far as policy, and while we may see some movement from last night’s show, it won’t be a lot. Here’s my take:

TRUMP: He was ok as his style of debates go…but he ran out of gas halfway through and faded into the night. Someone needs to remind him to take a nap in the afternoon.

CRUZ: Wasn’t the best Ted Cruz debate ever. Now, that’s not saying it was bad. I don’t think Ted Cruz can do a bad debate (after all, he WAS a national debate champion in college), but he wasn’t on last night.

RUBIO: Marco did a good job. He engaged Cruz, as he needed to. Those two are fighting for the “legitimate” candidates’ slot in the finals of this cattle call. He’s been appealing but Cruz has been surging. He needed to have a good night.

BUSH: Jeb woke up! Loosen the bell, the goat is home!! Of course, I think it’s too little too late. He took on Trump with gusto and nice retorts. And Trump laid into him pretty well. But I have one question. Why is the GOP front-runner spending so much of his time lambasting a guy with 4% of the vote nationally? He’s not even a player.

CHRISTIE: I really like Chris Christie’s character. He comes at you right between the eyes and he doesn’t give a hot damn what you think. He tells it the way it is. He did that again last night. He’s a good debater because of that, and it showed. If only the GOP could start understanding what he’s saying!

CARSON: I thought Ben Carson was weak. He wasn’t forceful, he didn’t debate, he dodged some questions, and I think it was his worst performance. I’m expecting him to fall after last night.

KASICH: Make no mistake, John Kasich is a nice guy. He’s just WAY over his head. And he really doesn’t deserve to be there. Poor debate…poor decision to run. He needs to leave.

THE FIELD: The rest of the field was so-so. Rand Paul hasn’t stood out in these debates much at all, and when he did it’s been for the wrong reasons. Rumor has it that he’s the next to suspend his candidacy. I don’t think many people will notice. Oh…the undercard. Did anybody watch? Lindsay Graham won it again, but then again I think he debated the janitor, a lighting technician and the girl that sang the national anthem. Wasn’t she on American Idol?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “What A Night For A Debate!!!

  1. The Republican debate or as I call dickfest, who has the biggest dick and can get us into the longest running unfunded war while cutting taxes. Here is my take.

    Donald Trump or as I call him Weimar Donny, doing his best Il Duce impression for the crowd. I have soften on him as previously photos of him looked like he want to give a blow job to the nearest male. Policy-war, war, war and cut taxes.

    Cruz or Grandpa from the Munsters, so he was a national debate champ at an elitist school back in the day, that’s like saying you were the starting quarterback in high school, nobody really cares. Showing that Texas swagger, if elected (not likely) I cannot wait until ISIS kicks him in the balls and it will happen. Then let’s see how the national debate champ bullshits his way out of that. Policy-war, war , war, cut taxes and kick Marco Rubio in the balls. Those crazy Cubans.

    Rubio or let me tell you about my parents. Wrote an immigration bill, promoted it and then voted against it, Desperately wants to be taken seriously. Could be nominee because the rest are crazy, he is just less crazy. Talks a good game but no real substance, just an ambitious little shit. Policy-war, war, war, cut taxes, kick Cruz in the balls and continue Cold War against Cuba. Sorry Marco, that is just so 1960’s. Take a vacation in Havana, stay at the Naticional on New Year’s Eve and wait for Michael to kiss his brother, maybe go to the live sex show with Johnny Olaf.

    El Jebe! Talks sense and nobody listens but that is the state of the Republican party now. Can memorize some good sound bites. Policy-get this over with so I can go home to my new house in Maine and freeze my ass off. Mom, why did you make me do this?

    Chris Crisco, did you know he was U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New Jersey on 9/11? Do you really care? Campaign seems to be centered around “I’m the Governor of New Jersey, you got a problem with that?” Policy-war, war, war, cut taxes, kick ISIS in the balls. Long term goal as president, do for the credit rating of the United States what he has done for the credit ratings of New Jersey and make all bridges one lane in either direction.

    Ben Carson, the Ambien/ Xanax/Prozac candidate. Somehow brain surgery and foreign policy have a lot in common. I did not know that. It must have been the day I cut American Diplomatic history in school. Darn it! He is really showing how stupid he is. His 15 minutes were up a couple of hours ago. Policy-I guess perform brain surgery on ISIS and world leaders. Future plans, become a chiropractor.

    John Kasich- a reactionary dressed up as a reasonable person. Nice guy, wouldn’t vote for him, but a nice guy. Policy- who cares. Future plans, go back to Ohio and find another government job or travel around the country doing a Warren G. Harding one man show.

    Carly Fiorina-the pissed off woman candidate. Worked her way up the corporate ladder using daddy’s influence so she could identify with the average American. Still does not understand the reason we left Iraq but gets big applause for the lie. Policy-who cares. Future plans, to become CEO of Blackberry and do for them what she did for HP.

    The rest of the field, who cares, but I will say that Lindsey Graham is talking real sense on foreign policy which is why he will always be at the kiddie table.

    Cannot wait for the real games to start next month.

  2. I have to say though the Donald is leading the pack I think there are a couple that may take it. I like Christie and I like his disregard for Obama. Rubio may cause some trouble for other candidates.

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