But Will It Matter Next Year?

I don’t think there is a person in the United States that doesn’t know that Hillary Clinton used a private, home-based email server for sensitive, nay, top-secret documents when she was Secretary of State. I think most everybody out there understands without equivocation that Hillary Clinton has lied about it from day one. I can’t get even the most strident liberal that I know to admit that she has been truthful all the way through the campaign. Liberals are seemingly deaf to the fact that she’s been lying. It’s like character doesn’t matter. Of course, to them it does matter, only when the Republican gets caught lying.

So, why do I think it won’t matter come next year? Well, because we all know and accept the fact that Hillary is a pathological liar and that you can’t depend on anything that she says to be the truth. Will that count against her in the election? I would like to hope so. I would like to think that we still hold our presidents to a higher standard than the average man on the street, who doesn’t mind telling fish stories to his buddies. I’d like to think that when a president tells you something, you can take it to the bank that they are telling you the truth. Obviously, and again, no liberal can refute this one, that hasn’t happened with this president, and no liberal can refute that Hillary has lied her way to the lead in the Democrat’s nomination process.

But the question is does it matter? I think it does, and I think it still will. As I’ve said for a long time, regardless what the Democrat pundits say, Hillary is in the uphill battle. Democrats have a tough road ahead of them because of the fact that we’ve had two terms (unsuccessful by all accounts) of a Democrat president. And that usually means the country is ready for a change, regardless who’s in office. There have only been two instances since The Great Depression of that not being true. Of course, you have to throw out FDR’s four-term tenure…but he was followed (because of his death) by Harry Truman. It happened one other time. Ronald Reagan served two terms and was followed by George HW Bush. Other than that, after a two term president, we’ve always shifted parties. This next election should be no different.

Add to the fact that the economy isn’t going great guns, more and more people have quit looking for a job, and while Bobo has been playing with the employment numbers, we have fewer people working today than at any time since 1971…when we had 100,000,000 fewer people living here. Not exactly a rousing endorsement for the current administration. And no…you can’t blame a whole two terms on George W. Bush. That pig ain’t gonna fly.

Will the email scandal really matter for Hillary? I think there are probably 40% of the people out there that would vote for her if she had pulled off the San Bernardino massacre. Those people are Democrats and they don’t care what happens to their candidate, they’ll vote for them regardless. Shall we call them “mind-numbed robots”? Of course, and yes, the GOP has about 40% of the people that would be in lock-step as well. The difference is, this time the 20% in the middle aren’t about backing someone that lies and that is untrustworthy. That said, be prepared for a Republican president in 2017.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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