OK, if you’re a follower of politics, you had to have the duct tape ready yesterday when Barack Obama held his “end of the year” press conference at the White House. This has become a tradition for Bobo, to give himself one final pat on the back (because no one else is doing it), and take a victory lap around the press room.

Most of the press that I heard report on the conference came away with the same feeling… “Huh? THAT really happened? Where in hell was I?” It seems that our beleaguered president is spinning history to his convoluted way of thinking already. He’s seven years in to an eight year term, and already can’t seem to get his facts straight. Let’s get into the examples!

The biggest thing that I saw (and yes, it was even on the liberal news channels like MSNBC!) was that Bobo was trying to tell the world that he was right about Syria all along and that it was indeed working. I believe there were actually chuckles from the press in the media room when this was announced. Let’s face it, the Middle East is a powder keg that is getting ready to explode, and Bobo has ignored his military on this issue from day one. His Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, has scratched his head so many times, it’s a wonder there’s any hair at all up there. Hagel, after it was proven that Bashar al Assad had indeed used chemical weapons on his people, spent half a day mapping out a bombing strategy that would rain fire and brimstone down on the Syrian capital. Alas, Bobo called it off, even though his “red line” had been crossed.

So inept at military leadership is this president that he hasn’t made one correct move in the Middle East since taking office. Egypt was an abomination, Libya was an abortion (both of those had Hillary Clinton’s finger prints all over them), and Syria has been an utter disaster. Then let’s move to taking troops out of Iraq WAY too early, without realizing the consequences. Pakistan has been an unmitigated disaster because of Obama’s failure to understand culture and military strategy. And the Iranian deal has been called by people (including liberals I might add) the worst deal any American president has ever made. That’s quite a statement when you think of it!

No one with any credibility has backed what this guy has done militarily in the Middle East. They can’t. I mean there are only two people that aren’t shaking their heads. One is John Kerry, and we all know his pedigree has failure written all over it, and the other is Obama lap-dog, Josh Earnest, who’s paid to lie to the media in hopes they may buy his illusions of grandeur.

I won’t even begin to get into Bobo’s victory lap around Vladimir Putin, which I’m sure brought a smile to the Russian president’s face. In short, it was an “I told you so” moment. But actually Russia is out-performing the United States in every single conceivable category in Syria, and continues to this day to be a thorn in our side…making Mitt Romney right, and Bobo Obama a cheerleader on the sidelines. But we knew all along, you never ask a boy to do a man’s job. Hopefully the voters have learned that as well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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