Questions I Would Like Answered

I really didn’t want to watch the Democrats debate last night. I mean, there is a reason Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz put it on Saturday night, right? She doesn’t want anyone to watch the damn thing. But wouldn’t you know, my wife flipped on the channel and said, “Here honey, I know you like this stuff”. I tried. I mean, I really tried. But first of all when you have former Clinton aide and FOB, George Stephanopoulos on the pre-game show, I have to wonder how biased this thing is going to be.

So, I watched. I saw Bernie Sanders get all gooey-eyed over his staff’s big error of looking at the Clinton campaign’s data. I saw him apologize and say he’d fire anyone who tried that again. I saw Hillary want to get over with it so she can get back to slamming Donald Trump (which she’s not very good at, by the way). And I saw Martin O’Malley interrupt the moderators about a dozen times and never stop talking when they told him they were moving on. Marty, learn this: Nobody cares what you have to say anymore!

Here are some questions that I would particularly like the candidates to answer:

HILLARY: You say that you’ve been honest, trustworthy, and forthright in the FBI’s investigation of you on your email server and holding top secret emails at home. The question is, have you ever lied to the American public, and if we find you have and you lie in your answer, are you willing to stop your candidacy?

Of course she will never admit to lying. But the journalists are out there that will crush her in a second. Just roll the March 10th tape at the UN. You’ve got her in a lie. Period. Bye Hillary!

BERNIE: You complain about how the rich, the 1% as you call it are getting richer, and the middle class and lower classes aren’t making enough to make ends meet. Your plan calls for soaking the rich. What is going to be your “plan B” when you finally realize that they will always figure out a way around taxes, and that all you’re going to do is slow the economy down even further?

And Bernie’s answer will be something along the lines of how he voted against the Iraq War twice, and Hillary was for it before she was against it. He has not plan B, because he has no plan A.

MARTIN: As politicians go, you’re a second-stringer all the way. A former governor from a second or third tier small state, that couldn’t even get your lieutenant governor elected in your place after you termed out, losing to a Republican in a heavily Democrat state. So, what makes you think that when you are at 1% in the polls, and going nowhere you have any chance in the world of winning the Democrat’s nomination for president, much less defeating a Republican next November?

And O’Malley will rail on for 20 minutes about how the Democrats are unfair and have stacked the deck against him and Senator Sanders. How they need to be more open and transparent in how they set these debates up…how they need more debates in the first place, and talk about substantive issues like education, and how to get 53% more of the country on some sort of governmental assistance program, and how they need to get guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens so the only ones with guns are the cops, the robbers, and the terrorists and the military.

Yeah…that’s pretty much how that would go!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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