I Gotta Go With Trump On This One

Before we start today, I need to explain one thing. I’m not yet a Donald Trump fan. In fact, I’ve vacillated between several candidates so far in this presidential election thing. I’ve thought about Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and Scott Walker. I’ve even thought about Carly Fiorina a little. I mean, if there was going to be a female president elected in 2016, I’d really like it to be her, not the other female in the field.

I haven’t really decided to back a candidate yet. I’m a lot like most Americans in that sense. I just don’t get the sense that they are excited about this race yet. Oh, Trump has brought the excitement levels to new heights. But I don’t think most people outside Iowa and New Hampshire are really ready to get excited yet. I know I’m not.

So, it’s with that in mind that I will echo Donald Trump and call out Hillary Clinton on her remarks made at the Democrats’ debate on Saturday night (great night for a debate, huh?). In case you missed it, and judging by the ratings, you did; Hillary said that ISIS uses a video of Donald Trump as a “recruiting tool” to bring new jihadists into the fray. When pressed on that on a Sunday show, Clinton’s press secretary, Jennifer Palmieri stammered like a drunken teenager, and eventually just stopped talking. Then Donald Trump comes out and demands an apology. Another Clinton spokesperson comes out and says, “Hell no!” to the apology. Well, it was another Clinton lie. And as Charles Krauthammer pointed out, Hillary needs to be careful. She’s coming woefully close to this “making up a video for the purposes of substantiating a lie” over and over again. Anyone want to recall Benghazi, and the reason for the attack was some purported video on the internet?

Turns out, there is NO video of Donald Trump that is being used as a recruiting tool for ISIS as far as we know. My question to the Arkansas Princess would be, “How in hell do you know what tools ISIS uses for recruitment unless a) you either know someone that has been recruited or b) you’ve been recruited yourself”. I’m sure there would be no answer coming on that one. In fact, what has turned out to be funny, according to the Associated Press, it isn’t Trump that has the video being used as a recruiting tool…it’s Hillary! Wow. Now we don’t only have a lie on Hillary, we’ve got the liar calling the kettle black (I know…mixed metaphor).

IF I were to go for Trump, who by the way Obama and Clinton both agree would be easy to beat; I would do it because I think he’d make mince-meat out of Hillary in about 10 seconds. I think the Vegas over/under for putting her in tears in a debate would be 10 minutes. I do know this about him…he is relentless. He is a lot tougher than she is. I’m not sure he’s exactly “presidential material”, but I think that he’d fight and claw his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a lot better than anyone else in the GOP field…and there’s something to be said for that. But that being said, I’m not sure he’d be the best leader of the free world. Not yet anyway. Thank God I don’t have to vote until March!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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