Be Afraid…Be VERY Afraid!

I fear for the future of our country regardless which party gets elected next November. I really feel that our youth is leading us down the path of destruction. Need proof?

Dan Joseph posted a video on about going out and interviewing various college students. His premise? And by the way…it was totally done to see how out in left field the students were. His premise was that the Christmas song by Bing Crosby, “White Christmas” was racist because it only talked about “white” Christmas and not Christmases of color. He went to a college campus to get students to sign a petition that would ask radio stations not to play the Christmas classic because of its racial overtones. Or as Joseph put it, “Black lives matter”.

Yeah. I know. Pretty left field stuff, right? I was amazed as I watched the video, how easy it was for him to get signatures. He said he was there for about an hour, and got 18 signatures to ban White Christmas, because, as he put it, “Even Bing Crosby said he thought it was racist when he recorded it!” And the students bought it. Oh, not just students of color…white students, brown students, black students, yellow students. It didn’t matter.

And it’s because of that I can only fear for the safety of our country. Let’s face it, there has been a lot of angst and protesting on college campuses in the past couple of months, mostly because of this Black Lives Matter thing…but it seems that our student population has been so dumbed-down and brain-washed that they’d sign any petition that even hints of racial inequality, whether it’s real or imagined. The liberal teachers in high school and college have done a great job of making our next generation very stupid and ignorant (totally different by the way) indeed! And these are the very same people that elected Barack Obama (twice!) to the White House. They can’t see past the end of their nose, and have such a twisted view of the world, it would take a team of psychologists years, working round the clock to bring back a lost generation. It’s not that I’m condemning their viewpoint. It’s the reason they have the viewpoint in the first place.

One thing our next GOP president needs to do is get the handle back on education. We’ve totally lost that. I watched my granddaughter do math for me over Thanksgiving. I didn’t recognize it as simple addition. It was from Mars or some place. She asked me to solve it, and I quickly did. Oh, we got the right answer, but I did it in about six seconds. It took her two minutes because she was counting groups of numbers that had nothing to do with the equation. I didn’t want to tell her to do it my way, because I knew she was undergoing “Common Core” stuff and her teacher would punish her for “doing it wrong”, even though it was “doing it better”.

I’m fearful for our next generation. They are so whacked out that I’m afraid it’s going to lead to electing a president that is afraid to go to war to protect us, and wants to travel the world apologizing to the different countries for our “naked aggressions of the past”. I am deathly afraid that person is going to want to do something so stupid, like reform healthcare or something like it to where it makes no sense whatsoever, and costs us trillions of dollars. And that hell, given enough liberal education, may even want to hand over nuclear weapons to our enemies! I don’t think we could survive that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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