Cruz Cartoon Stepped WAY Over The Line!

First off, understand this. Ann Telnaes is a cartoonist that’s employed by the Washington Post. It’s her job to lampoon the political happenings of the day. She’s not all that funny normally, and usually, she’s not all that controversial. As a cartoonist, let’s just say she’s no Thomas Nast or even Gary Trudeau. She’s mediocre. So, when she crossed the unspoken rule of cartoonists, my hunch is she did it to get attention and get her 15 minutes of fame because she realized it was the only way to get famous.

What she did was lampoon a political ad that Ted Cruz did with his daughters. Now, I’m a believer that you don’t include your kids in your ads when you run for office. I’m not even a fan of having a candidate’s spouse stand beside them when they enter or bow out of a race. I think it’s cheesy. That said Cruz has the right to make whatever type of political ad he deems appropriate. And his daughter reading from a Dr. Seuss book, he thought, was appropriate.

Well, Ann Telnaes didn’t. And she decided to lampoon the whole affair. It crossed a line. I’m sorry. You don’t go after how stupid Amy Carter is, or how ugly Chelsea Clinton is. You don’t talk about how the Obama girls dress like they’re ready for an evening on a Washington DC street corner. And you don’t talk about the Bush twins as a couple of drunks. You leave the kids out of it. It’s tough enough to be the child of a president or a presidential candidate. There isn’t an excuse that’s valid for crossing that line. Not that you were drawing a blank, not that you thought it was funny, and not that you were interested in getting your 15 minutes of fame. It doesn’t wash. Ann Telnaes is lucky she didn’t get fired. Had I been her boss instead of Fred Hiatt (the Post’s Editorial editor), she’d have security ushering her out of the door in time for Christmas.

There isn’t any place in politics for this crap. It’s garbage of the worst kind. Yes, it’s even worse than Donald Trump going after another candidate. And while I agree that it’s totally un-presidential for Trump to do that, it certainly isn’t the worst thing that’s been said in US Presidential Politics History. Far worse was uttered if you go back about 200 years to the election of 1800!

No, Ann Telnaes was 100% wrong, and the Post, while being right for pulling the cartoon, was wrong for not making her apologize. I would have at the very least made that a condition of her continued employment. So now, Telnaes has the 15 minutes of fame that she sought, and she even got a blog about it…so she can now crawl back under her rock and go back to being some obscure, untalented hack of a cartoonist that should be lucky she’s got a job at a major newspaper instead of doing those stupid cartoon drawings at Cedar Point or Disney World.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Cruz Cartoon Stepped WAY Over The Line!

  1. Well Desert, as usual you present half the story, i.e., the Dr. Suess book. They were not exactly reading a Dr. Suess book as you know. It appears that the language was changed to attack Hillary Clinton. Now I understand attack ads as much as the next person. In fact I hate the political ads usually at the beginning and end of their campaigns that show their wife, kids, dog(s) in a staged photo saying I’m a family man like you. Who really gives a shit and who votes on a stupid picture? Personally I do not like these ads as I really do not care about your fucking family. I am more interested on your position on taxes, foreign policy, domestic policy, climate change, infrastructure, etc. You know, things that really matter.

    So, a staged photo like that is really not bringing children into the public arena. When you use your family for an attack ad and your child makes a snarky comment, she just crossed the line and her parents are responsible for this. This is a clear cut case od First Amendment rights of the press, something you seem to hold dear except when some bozo candidate does it. My advice to Ted Cruz, go back to Canada you bigoted hoser idiot and take your anchor babies and wife with you. You will find sympathy between shit and synagogue on this one.

    On a personal note, I would like to wish you Desert a Prettige Kerstdagen an Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar. Keep those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune coming.

    • I wouldn’t have considered it Christmas without hearing from you Snarky! And believe it or not, I kind of agree with you on the whole family in the political ad thing. I too, could care less what your family looks like standing next to you unless they’re running as your running mate, which they can’t, so it doesn’t matter. As for Cruz, it’s his choice to use this ad, and use his kids. I don’t agree with it, but it was his choice. To lampoon kids is wrong. Period. Or to put the shoe in the other mouth…if the cartoonist had decided to lampoon the Obama girls for looking like sluts at the annual turkey pardon, would that have drawn ire? My hunch is it would. The knife cuts both ways my friend…it’s the same thing (minus the snarky Hillary comments), as what Cruz did…using family members to enhance a photo. It’s been happening for a LONG time. I don’t like it, but I still think it’s wrong to call Chelsea Clinton ugly (even though she is remarkably ugly!) Merry Christmas ol’ friend. Have fun in Europe if I don’t talk to you before!

  2. Honestly I thought The cartoon was wrong and frankly I am tired of what are supposed to be grown ups picking on children. If you think about it what kind of person is it that decides to pick on a couple little girls? Look I understand its her job but I don’t think her job details are to pick on little girls. There is plenty of appropriate subject matter that she should not be going after those who cannot fight back. When my oldest daughter was about 7 a guy up the street who was well into his Thirties would tease my daughter and oink at her. I left him on his front step one day sitting there holding a bloody nose because he did not heed my requests to leave my child alone. I don’t like people who bully or tease young children, especially adults that no better and politics is no excuse.

    • Basharr, I would agree with you 100%. Though I probably take it from a different angle, we get to the same place. Was Cruz right in using his daughters in a political ad? That in my mind was up to him, not a cartoonist, not me, and not you. He is the one that has to be comfortable with that. But it doesn’t give a cartoonist the right to lampoon a kid. Or to put it in more political terms, if it had been Obama, and a Republican did it, would there have been an outcry? Yup…there sure would have….probably followed by that bloody nose! Merry Christmas my friend!

      • If she had taken the time to be creative the children could have been spared and she likely could have lampooned Cruz and left his daughters out all together.I get it opportunity and all but have a friggin heart and use some common sense. Merry Christmas man I am about to turn in it has been a long day but a wonderful one.

    • Basharr, I agree with you in relation to your child and quite frankly I think he got off easy with a bloody nose, but he evidently got the message. As for Ted Cruz, he wants it both ways on this. He knowingly put his children in this position and then sanctimoniously complains about satire on his children. Remember in the cartoon, he was the head monkey. The First Amendment can be ugly at times but that is the price we pay for it.

      Desert, The difference between this situation and the Turkey Pardon thing is that the turkey thing is an annual pardon thing with no real politics involved. Hence, Malia and Sasha are just props in a photo op just like those campaign photos. They say nothing and for the most part, they look like they want to be somewhere else.

      No, the cartoonist is not at fault here, Teddy and his wife are responsible for this.

      • Snarky, it’s funny you would say that the cartoonist isn’t at fault when even this bitch’s editor agrees she was. Hmmm…methinks you are losing your edge. Head to Paris and get sharpened up!

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