7 Reasons Hillary Is NOT My Abuela

Hillary Clinton stepped in a big pile of Mexican dog shit this past week. Oh, her campaign thought it would be cute leading up to Christmas, and with one grandchild already born and another bun in the oven, to appease the Hispanic vote by dropping the line, “7 Reasons Hillary Clinton Is Your Abuela” (Abuela is Spanish for Grandmother).

Whoops. It backfired on her staff. I’m sure she didn’t have anything to do with because the last I knew, Hillary doesn’t understand Spanish. But when it went out on Twitter last week, it blew up. The hashtag #NotMiAbuela became a world-wide trending topic. Apparently, there are a lot of people who don’t think there is one reason, not only seven, for Hillary to be their “Abuela”. Here are my seven reasons Hillary isn’t (and will never be) my “Abuela”:
1. My grandmother never lied to me. I could always believe what she was saying. She always gave good advice, and was filled with that personable love that you expect your grandmother to have. Oh, she was happy I didn’t live with her (aren’t all grandparents?), but was always happy to see me.
2. My grandmother took care of me when I was sick. Does Hillary even know any of that stuff? I doubt it.
3. My grandmother worked behind the scenes. She wasn’t one to go out of her way to meet a lot of people and be flamboyant.
4. My grandmother demanded respect and earned it. She didn’t get it because of any title she once held.
5. My grandmother was smart. She wasn’t necessarily well-educated as far as going to college, but she had much more intelligence than this bimbo ever had or will have.
6. My grandmother’s big goal in life was to see that her child (my mother) was successful, and her grandkids were successful. She could have cared less about herself.
7. My grandmother was the best cook I ever knew. And she could make more than chocolate chip cookies!

Sorry Hillary…you just don’t add up to being an Abuela in my household. Maybe in your own. Maybe.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!