FBN To Cut The Candidates

Fox Business News is hosting the next GOP debate early next year in South Carolina, and they’ve already decided that they aren’t going to have 10 people on “the big boy stage”. They are going to narrow the field allowed on that stage to six, which means that there will definitely be some upset candidates.

People like Carly Fiorina, who has performed will with the big boys is heading to the undercard where she started. So is Rand Paul, if he’s still around by then. Paul has been hinting he’d be suspending his campaign sometime soon. This may be the impetus to drive him off the candidates’ bandwagon and back to the Senate where he belongs. And John Kasich will probably also be knocked out of contention, which isn’t going to be such a big loss. Kasich has never caught on, and hasn’t changed his introductory message since telling us that he was the governor of Ohio. We got it John. You just need to go on to sentence number two!

That means that Fiorina, Paul, and Kasich will join Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Mike Huckabee on the JV stage. Jim Gilmore, who’s still actually running has no measurable support and hasn’t been invited to partake of any of the national debates. Another way of saying that is, Jim Gilmore is the only man in America who still thinks he has a ghost of a chance of becoming president anytime in this lifetime.

Frankly, it’s about time. Actually, while I like Chris Christie a lot and love his swagger, I don’t think that with 5% or less of the vote he should be included. I’m starting to think the same thing about Jeb! Bush. He’s got a lot of cash on his side which keeps him in the top five or six, but that’s about all. And he even seems relieved not to be leading or even close to leading the field. I have no idea why he’s still there. Must be for Pappy’s approval because it’s not winning anybody over.

Would a Trump/Cruz/Carson/Rubio debate work for the GOP? I think it would. It’s becoming obvious the eventual nominee will be one of those four. I’m not sure who is going to get it yet. The field is still fluid, and frankly, the five percenters’ support will go somewhere. It could be enough to knock Trump off of his perch, or it could be enough to put him over the edge. But I think it’s time to really start whittling down the number of candidates here and start getting serious that there are four candidates for president, and a lot of wannabes. Frankly, if the wannabes want to spend money and feel important, then that’s fine, it’s a free country. We just don’t need to necessarily hear from them as much as the other four.

That being said, I am really getting antsy for the general election. I hope to God that if the nominee isn’t Donald Trump, he is a big boy about it and doesn’t pout and run a third-party campaign. That is just handing the win to Hillary…and I hope that wasn’t his wish all along!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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