Obamacare 3.0

Remember back when Obamacare was being debated? Remember (who could forget?) the lines, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? Remember how you and I and every American out there were going to “save $2,500 in premiums every year”? How did you spend yours this year?

We haven’t talked much about Obamacare lately. There’s been a plethora of other things to discuss, and while Obamacare hasn’t necessarily been on the front burner lately or even the stove actually, it’s still there…and it is still not living up to the promises Bobo Obama made some six years ago.

For instance, how many folks found themselves driving miles to the nearest “Obamacare” doctor? Tons. Actually, it’s going up even further as many of the physicians who were taking Obamacare insurance have backed out of the program citing a lack of payment, and frankly, who could blame them? I wouldn’t want to work for 20% of what I thought I was worth either. How many of us found ourselves paying a hell of a lot more for our premiums? Or, as was the case in the Desert, how many found you were actually paying the same thing, but man, the policy really sucked! I used to go to the doctor’s office and pay $25 or $30 for co-pay and that was it. I didn’t see another bill. Now, I have a deductible I have to meet before I even get to an 80/20 co-pay. And the deductible basically insures that I’m paying my premiums for what I would term “severe illness insurance”. It only kicks in IF you have something major wrong with you. In normal years, I get to pay for my doctors’ visits out of pocket, thank you.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a step backward. Years ago, when I was a kid, I remember going to the doctor and having mom write out a check for the cost of the visit at the end. Insurance was there to cover catastrophic incidents, like hospital stays and surgeries, and serious life-threatening illnesses. They didn’t begin to touch the day to day routine medical expenses. And I’m kind of ok with that; except that’s not the bill of goods we were sold.

More Americans are paying more for their healthcare and getting less. That’s a fact. In fact, in 2016, we’ll be paying on average 20% more for healthcare. And in 2016, Obamacare is threatened to hit the canvas with the big KO unless congress steps in to help it out. That’s because this next year, Obamacare is going to be going broke. They are at about 50% of where the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says they need to be in terms of number of people signed up. That’s costly. And they’re the wrong type of people. The healthy, young people aren’t signing up like they should have. Oh, they’re getting better this next year, but it’s still way behind where the program needs to remain solvent.

So what will happen when Obamacare runs out of money? That depends on who you ask. Democrats think there’s an endless supply of money (they’re talking about YOUR money!); while the GOP says if it runs out of money, game over. But the GOP hopes to have some sort of plan in place to help the 3 million people (out of 9.5 million) that were uninsured before this whole thing started who would lose their healthcare. I’ve said all along that they can very easily buy Cadillac plans for those folks for life and cost us less than Obamacare is costing us!

Americans still hate Obamacare and want to see it repealed or at the very least replaced. That may not happen in 2016…but then again, if it collapses on its own behemoth weight, it very well might.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. I can relate. I have a bi-cuspid aortic valve, 2 flapper rather than 3, that we discovered about 5 years ago. 1% of males have this. I’m one of the lucky ones. It never bothered me growing up, so we didn’t know I even had it. Its basically a birth defect. We discovered it by accident, I drank some Gatoraid from a bottle that had been in my car, the plastic got too hot and the chemicals mixed with the aid. As soon as I swallowed, my throat felt like it was closing, I started sweating and got an upset stomach. All this happened immediately. Mimicked a heart attack. I spent 2 or 3 days in the hospital, I had a heart murmer, I never had before, due to an aging leaky aortic valve.

    Anyway I have an MRI done once a year and ultra-sound every six months, eventually I will probably have the Aorta replaced. A few years ago, my insurance would have paid all or most of the tests. Now I have to pay a high deductible. I don’t feel like I even have insurance. The test are expensive, even for being preventive. The hospitals try to get you to pay by charging your credit card. Not doing that, I refuse to pay interests. I pay them in monthly increments……….by the time I get them paid, its time for another test. Before I moved to St. Charles I was going to a hospital/Dr. in South County (St. Louis). I always had an issue with them. I’d get a $700.00 bill from the hospital, make a $350 payment and then pay the remainder the next month. They turned me over to a collection agency for it. I hit the proverbial ceiling. I wrote the billing department and copied the hospital president, that I thought it was BS that someone without any insurance could come in get the same service/treatment and not pay a dime. Then they take someone like myself that has about as good an insurance plan as you can get, and makes a monthly payment to pay the deductible and they have always gotten paid off, but yet will turn around and turn be over to an agency. I got an apology from the administration, but then they did again a year later. Thank God I moved. The hospital and Dr. I go to now finds this very acceptable. Hell their happy their getting paid.

    See you got me all stirred up. 🙂

    • Wow! I certainly empathize your plight. But you should do what I do (though it rarely happens) if I ever get a call from a collection agency…I just tell them I refuse to do business with collection agencies and I hang up. End of story! Sorry to have gotten you stirred up this morning!!!!

      • Actually, I do the same. I told them my bill was with the Hospital and that is where the payments go. By the time they got around to calling me about it…….I let them know I had already paid the bill in full with the hospital. That was who I owed. That ticked them off because they said they had bought the bill from the hospital. I told them then to deal with the hospital, they had no business with me. It was there own damn fault for buying a bill that was only 30 days old from the hospital. That’s why you should never sign anything with a collection agency, you owe them nothing unless you agree to pay them.

        What really ticks me off, is Hospitals are doing this more often, and doing it to people that do pay there bills.

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