Now THIS Goes To Far

OK, I’ll admit it. I like Italian food. No, let me be 100% truthful with you. I LOVE Italian food. Pizza, pasta, all the stuff the folks say you shouldn’t eat tons of, I like. I have to make sure to cut way back on the stuff though. I try to eat pizza only once a month or less. Pasta is a little more difficult, but I limit it to once every two or three weeks. But to hear what just happened in Italy, the birthplace of Italian food (pun intended), is outrageous!

A little backstory first. Italy has been going through some rough times weather wise lately. They’ve had 50 days or so without rain in Naples and Rome. The air pollution index is through the roof. In Naples, they have over 2.5 million cars traveling to work every workday, and the pollution is really bad. So, in Naples they’ve decided to limit the ability to drive. People with even numbered license plates can drive one day, people with odd number plates drive the next. It still puts over 1.3 million cars on the road, adding to the pollution.

And in the tiny little town of San Vitaliano, the Mayor there has banned pizza ovens. Well, ok, not ALL pizza ovens, but wood-fired pizza ovens (that’s how REAL Italians bake their pies). Look, I understand, no one wants to have a city that looks like Beijing, but for cryin’ out loud people, you can’t turn off your pizza ovens in Italy of all places! That’s totally un-American!

I’m just waiting for Al Gore to come out and use this as another example of global warming. You know he’s itching to do it. But I’m sure he’s still in a holiday stupor and has a bad eggnog hangover (they’re the WORST!). You know it’s just a matter of time before Obama decides to do the same thing in this country. Especially after he agreed to that Paris summit thing where they want to cut carbon emissions by some percent (they really didn’t say how much), because he doesn’t want the US to get slapped with the sanctions (oh, wait…there ARE no sanctions if you don’t follow it!).

After all of the craziness and nonsense that we’ve all put up with over the past seven years, I’m hoping that it’s time to get sensible again in 2016. That’s my biggest wish for the New Year. I’m just hoping and praying that common sense finally returns to America. We’ve spent the last seven years with the philosophy of “if you want to see what’s in the bill, we must pass the bill”, and “Every household will save $2,500 a year in insurance premiums”, as well as, “I had a private email server at my home, but I never, EVER had classified material either sent to me nor did I send it to anyone”. Can we just please get back to honesty? PLEASE???

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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